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We bought our first home with Radha.  We are glad she was our agent.  She is very knowledgeable about the real estate market including school districts.  She is also very knowledgeable in remodeling the home - her advice around remodeling was useful for us to make decisions.

It took us quite a bit of time for us to find a home that fit our requirements - but Radha never pushed us - she always said we should only move when we feel comfortable.  She is very patient, highly trustworthy and a great person to work with. We had peace of mind knowing she was our agent and she was always on the lookout of our best interest.  

Radha is very talented, informed, experienced and easy to work with. She is very straightforward in her communication.  She keeps in touch and is always ready to help even after we have completed the home purchase.  She genuinely cares.  

We highly recommend her.

Miral and Jalpa - 7002 Blue Hill Dr, San Jose - 1/5/2020

We were looking to buy a long term home to move into and met Radha during our Agent search. I am so glad we went with Radha, she is extremely dedicated, knowledgable and honest. Above all, she is a great person and keeps her clients best interest at heart. She came with us to tour every home we picked, even ones she knew we wouldn't go for just to show us different flavors of homes. She knows Bay Area market thoroughly and has a keen eye for detail, has practical recommendations on repairs, costs and points to pros and cons on the home/area/future price.

She went out of her way every step of the way ensuring we were making the right decision. She got us a home at 150K less than asking price. This is our 3rd home purchase and she has been the best realtor we've worked with thus far and has a great team supporting her to get loans at low interest rates. What we liked the most is that Radha does not place undue pressure on the clients and works with you based on your preferences and style. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat and will reach out to her for any future needs.

Shiva and Shilpa - 101 Stevie Ct, Fremont - 12/9/2019

Based on series of positive recommendations for Radha from our friends, we worked with Radha to purchase our first home in the Bay Area. She is active, professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. She provided us with all necessary contacts like multiple lenders, contractor details etc. She is very helpful and knows the housing market well. She showed us many houses and during our house visit, she told what are the positives and negatives of every house to help us make the decision. She listens very carefully to our needs & she gives her honest opinion. She does not push you into making any decisions. But she will make sure you have all the input you need to make your best decision. She was always available, whenever we had doubts or wanted to ask for her opinion. She helped us to make a good decision on contingencies. After the offer was accepted she followed up with lender, title company to get the paperwork completed in span 20 days.

The one thing which I liked most and would like to call out here was that at times we were so desperate to put counter offer for a house, but Radha made it sure to make the offer clean and acceptable without any changes. She was confident and explained us the strategies about the bid getting accepted. I liked her tactfulness, intelligence and patience. These are the times when we as buyers need the support the most. We can stumble upon some good houses and would be lured to put our assets on it just to get it. But if we have good agents like Radha then it becomes lot easier to properly think and make a strategic move.

Overall our experience with Radha was very good, we highly recommend anyone buying a new house to work with her. All thanks to Radha that we got the dream home we wished for!

Rajat and Nandita - 3454 Olsen Dr, San Jose - 10/31/2019

Radha was our realtor in buying our home in the Bay Area. As you can probably guess based on her 5 star reviews, I don't have any hesitation in declaring that she's extremely dedicated and really wants us to find the right real estate deal. However, I would like to share things we personally appreciated that was unique to our situation - we spoke to other realtors before we chose Radha, and her biggest USP by far was her expertise in remodeling homes. There wasn't a realtor we spoke to that had this level of knowledge, and in fact, it's one of the reasons we bid so confidently on fixer uppers. The home we bought was a fixer upper, and we chose contractors she recommended to do this renovation. In addition, her mortgage lender recommendations were great as well, and so overall, she's somebody we really trusted with the biggest purchase of our lives. Highly recommend Radha to help you with your real estate purchase!

Ajith and Swathi - 1453 Firebird Way, Sunnyvale - 9/21/2019

We got Radha's recommendation from one of our friends. We were unsure about buying the house/ townhome/ condo. Radha addressed the majority of our doubts at the first meeting itself. She is very helpful and knows the housing market well. Once we decided we would like to move forward with buying the house she helped us in every step of the process. She showed us many houses and during our house visit, she told what are the positives and negatives of every house to help us make the decision. She was always available, even after we moved to our new she helped us few things get resolved. She gave a list of vendors, contractors. She helped us to make a good decision on contingencies. After the offer was accepted she followed up with lender, title company to get the paperwork completed in span 20 days. Overall our experience with Radha was very good, we highly recommend anyone buying a new house to work with her.

Nachiket and Nikita - 4621 Bianca Dr - Fremont - 8/18/2019

Finding a home in our desired school district seemed impossible when we started thinking to buy a house in bay area. We almost (99.9%) made our mind to move out of south bay and thought of settling to something affordable. And then, we met Radha. I found her through Yelp and never imagined she can make it all happen so quick for a first time home buyer. I called her through the contact number I found on yelp. Even though she had a busy schedule she was very kind to make time for us. Right to our first meeting, she elicited all our requirements, collected notes, made us aware with many pointers and terminologies in real estate world and what was so striking about her was the 'like-mindedness'. If your agent is able to understand your thinking process as well as perception and translate it into a house, you are in the right place with the right person! From our first meeting, things started moving 24/7 sort-of. She was there available for us as many open houses as we wanted to go, discussing comps of that area, putting best offer, in fact there were times when we thought to put offer for an upper-fixer and she strongly suggested not to do so due to a huge amount it will cost us to fix that house make livable. We followed her advise and were happy later about that. We got our home in the second biding. She provided us lenders' contacts from various banks and helped us with the crazy calculations and aftermath of having 10 yr arm mortgage rate, 30 yr fixed mortgage rate etc etc. The best part about Radha is she being honest and backing up facts with supporting data. She is very knowledgeable about the area she covers for real estate. Before, during and after contract, she is and was there for me round the clock answering every tiny trivial traditional tons of questions I had. I am writing this review as and what's coming to my mind right off because that's the way it happened. No follow ups from our side; she was the one making the calls, recommending and worrying about us. We were into our own world while we bought the house and yet it happened after 6-7 yrs of wait-time. Dreams do come true :) Thank you Radha. Greatly done!

Abhishek and Arti - 151 Blake Ave - Santa Clara - 8/13/2019

We worked with Radha and team to purchase our first home in the Bay Area.  We found them to be professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Since this was our first time buying a home, we were totally unprepared, naturally apprehensive and slightly overwhelmed by the process initially but they made us feel comfortable and confident quickly. They were happy to answer all questions we had with patience, educated and provided us as much information and detail as we wanted. We were provided with contacts for mortgage lenders that he had worked with in the past(and they turned out to be great) and almost immediately started seeing homes with us. They were equally willing to look at as many homes as needed that were picked by us and those picked by Nandik without biases. Once we started seeing homes that we liked, they were very meticulous in providing guidance on how to read the various reports. We had unusual(and what looked scary) reports on the house we ended up buying and less than 4 days to decide whether to put an offer(and at what price) given the reports. During this period, Radha and her team were extremely responsive and found ways to setup quick meetings, navigate the reports thoroughly, explain the report and go into great detail about pros and cons of buying the home, what it would potentially cost to fix various things, what we would need to do in the short term and long term, and what the offer could potentially look like. The level of help and guidance provided during this phase was critical to us making the decision to buy the home we ended up buying. What we liked even more was that there was no pressure from Radha or her team on whether we should put an offer, what the offer price should be etc and they left it entirely up to us to decide. During the escrow period, Radha and her team followed through with meeting multiple contractors and getting comparative estimates for the work that needed to be done on the home based on the inspection reports. After closing too, they have been just as responsive to our queries and have been happy to help with any questions, concerns or providing contacts etc. I've never had another agent but post offer services like Radha provided in our case seems uncommon and beyond what normal agents would do.

I'm writing this a few months after we started working with Radha and a few weeks after we closed our home, and having worked with the lenders, contractors and other contacts provided to us by Radha. I can safely say now that we are very happy that Radha and her team represented us as our agent.

Raghu and Arathi - 6209 Balderstone Dr - San Jose - 8/4/2019

Can I give Radha more than 5 stars???  Our family friend provided Radha's contact and highly recommended her. At the time, I personally thought all agents are the same and in it to make money. Meeting Radha a couple of times changed that. We were first time buyers- and did not know much on the finer aspects about properties. Radha always discussed the points that she gathered thru her experiences - always in our interest. Things like- backyard entrance through master bedroom,  door opening into T-cross road etc. The first property we bid on- we did not want to go much over asking price- for unjustifiable reasons. Radha respected that - and we put in an offer just to "feel" how putting an offer feels like. We got the second house that we bid on- we were going to bid $$$ over our eventual offer- guess who dialed it back for us- Radha!!! That should give you a good idea why you need to hire Radha for your realty needs!!!

Satish - 100 Butler Street - Milpitas, CA - 7/23/2019

Based on our relatives recommendation, we decided to discuss our real estate purchase needs with Radha. In first meeting we realized she is very dedicated and knowledgeable. She helped us in every step of the process. We saw so many houses with her and she was available for us all the time. 

She helped us in giving all the contact like multiple lender ,contractors detail etc.After doing so many open-houses, we stumbled upon a home that we both liked and thus informed Radha about the house. Radha personally visited the house and came back with her feedback on the property and the neighborhood. Radha got all the paperwork ready to put in an offer for the house by making an informed decision on the offer price. She even suggested that we write a personal letter to the sellers on why we want to buy the house. And the letter helped us win the bid.Once the offer was accepted, Radha worked with multiple people (lender, Escrow officer, insurance etc.) to get the paper work ready in a short span of 18 days.
Overall, our experience with Radha was exceptional and we highly recommend anyone buying a house to work with her to get a house which they would love to live in.

Archana - 100 Butler Street - Milpitas, CA - 7/23/2019

Based on the yelp reviews, I decided to discuss my real estate purchase needs with Radha. In first meeting, I realized that she is dedicated to her client's needs. She addressed all concerns and questions that I had about working with her. She does not send the automated emails about new home listings which is very unique. Based on your needs, she reviews the new listings and updates you via personal email. When we were serious about any specific home, she would spent around 1 hours to go through disclosure and help us make an informed decision. She explained all the strengths and weakness of particular home. Our offer on first home that we liked, did not get accepted. Radha had specifically told us to put a non-contingent offer but we went against her advise. While she advised to put a non-contingent offer, she did not push us in any way.

There were certain home that we liked but she was clear in communication about the limitations of those home and asked us not to put offer on them. Once we like a home that meets our budget and requirements, she came up with the strategy to beat the competition. She convinced the listing agent that we have all the numbers to close the transaction in 12 day and they should accept our offer without waiting for open house results. This really helped us getting away from the bidding war in good schools. She has an excellent team. The loan agent that she suggest had closed our loan in 11 days. She was able to get part of fumigation expense to be paid by seller. Before closing, she came personally for final walk through to make sure that everything is good.

Once we bought the home, we decided to sell our old home. Dealing with HOA based homes can be a painful experience. She has guided us properly to resolve all the issues in timely manner. She also helped with all the contractors in order to make our old home attractive.

This was not our first home purchase. Radha is so much better than the realtor that we worked with around 4 years back. I would strongly recommend Radha for your home purchase needs. I have no doubt that I shall be working with her again in the future.

Sandeep and Sunita - 1450 N Hillview Drive - Milpitas, CA – 6/24/2019

I have worked with multiple real estate agents for buying and selling and Radha is the best so far. We were searching for an investment property and with Radha's help, we were able to land on a property within a month. She was on top of the local area, sending us new listing everyday while filtering out the ones that don't meet our requirements. She thoroughly explains pros and cons of each property in her opinions to save us time on visiting every single properties. She always made herself available to meet our schedule of properties tour. 

When it comes to selecting the property, she reviews the disclosures with us and call out any potential costs post purchase. When it comes to putting an offer, she doesn't push us on a price just to win the property. She knows our budget and plan, she gives us real advises on what would be more beneficial for us. I don't normally see this from a realtor. Her written offer is always prompt and clean, which ultimately helped us to close so quickly.

Her post-purchase services is also very impressive. She went out of her way to get us the keys, schedule termite treatments and get quotes from contractors for fixes in the house.

So glad we were referred to her and will definitely refer her to my friends & family who are looking to purchase.

Ha and Quyen - 760 Ridge Road - Santa Clara, CA – 4/18/2019

Radha is just awesome! She was recommended to us by a friend and he was very happy with the entire process and our experience was no different. Our first meeting was really thorough, she helped us align on our initial expectations. Following this, we made joint visits to a few homes of interest. She would provide very insightful feedbacks something that a first time home buyer would overlook. She would also throw light to things like resale value, layout, sun direction and remodeling. She never pushed us for making an aggressive offer or for placing an offer. She was very patient during the entire house hunt.

And once we would find a house of our interest she goes through the disclosures very diligently and she would point out all the red flags. She would promptly provide all the detailed fair market value by selecting comp homes sold recently or in the pending process so the data is fresh and accurate. Although we didn't got the first two offers, we had a better sense of the competitive market and the fact that there will be multiple offers in each house. This helped us a lot in making the quick and right decision later on.

She didn't stop at the offer acceptance. She went above and beyond to execute the closing of loan flawlessly. She did the house inspections, booked appointments for termite work and even shared contacts of gardener for grass mowing. We had an amazing experience with her.

We would highly recommend Radha for buying a home in the Bay Area.

Naresh and Sukriti - 3220 Machado Avenue, Santa Clara, CA - 3/14/2019

We worked with Radha in 2016 for few months in the process of buying our first home. 

She was very easy to work with and spent a lot of time with us at each home we visited.  She has a lot of knowledge about the whole process and is willing to guide in every step of the way.

We had couple of situations where we had to back out of an approved offer on a home and she helped us navigate through that situation without any issues.

We highly recommend her for any realtor needs.

Vishvesh and Seema - 3015 Vesuvius Lane, San Jose, CA - 3/8/2019

As a first time home buyer, we were nervous and very much unaware of the crazy housing market, especially in Santa Clara but Radha made us comfortable from day one. Radha was very patient and noted down what are our requirements in terms of Location, Commute, Schools, Budget.

She took time to explain to us the details about how the entire process works from Visiting Open Houses to putting an offer to Loan process till closing. Radha will put in a lot of effort in her work which we realized when we met her during open houses. She only showed the houses matched our criteria and few others which we wanted to checkout. It was pretty amazing how she would find any minor issues by looking at the home which we overlooked and could have cost us later. She would also suggest us the pros and cons for each house which made our decision making very simple.
Radha was always flexible with her timings and would always keep our preferred time as a priority. She would even pick up our calls at late evenings just to make sure we are not left with any anxiousness.
When we bought our home she helped a lot with the loan process and her Loan Contact is pretty amazing and easy to work with. Radha's referral loan agent in fact closed out a loan in the span of 8 days.
When we moved in she provided us with few contractors referrals who were very good.
Radha makes a point to keep in touch with her clients post home buying as well which is very touching in today's business-oriented world.

Thanks, Radha for making our first home buying experience so easy and memorable. Even today she has kept in touch and reaches out to see how we are doing. This definitely depicts what a great human being and a true professional who really cares for her clients.

Sigbert Sequiera & Swapna Menenzes…2335 Kay Drive, Santa Clara, CA – 1/12/2019

Radha is very professional, attentive to detail and very easy to work with. She is a logical and brutally honest with her clients. 
She was extremely patient in finding the house of my taste and always advised on market trends and what to expect.
I ll highly recommend her to anyone seeking a truly professional Realtor.

Abhishek P Singh & Amritha Pillai…435 Camille Circle, #16, San Jose, CA  1/2/2019


Radha is hands down, the hardest working, most professional and knowledgeable real estate agent out there! She is smart, savvy, well connected and on-trend with the way she approaches buying a homes and has a fantastic team. She always has her clients best interests in mind and is realistic and truthful in her assessment of the marketplace. She is one of the most professional people we have worked with and went above and beyond to see that all of our needs were met. Start to finish, she makes the process run smoothly even with aggressive closing deadlines and handles any "hurdles" that may present themselves effectively and with confidence. Most of all, she is one of the most honest and pleasant individuals that you will ever work with and is fiercely protective of those she represents. Any client would be lucky to have Radha and her team working for them!

Amit & Pradnya...3809 Southwood Ave, San Mateo, CA - 12/20/2018

Radha is whom I would call a "full-service realtor who believes in being prepared". She does not get involved in just the sale. She brings to bear all her interior design, financial acuity and realtor skills to the table. This was extremely useful to someone like me - someone who already owns and looking to expand but not sure how/ where. She helped us through setting up our townhome for sale - choosing colors to immediately catch the buyer's eye, helping me understand the complex financial decisions involved, helping us identify areas that would suit us better as my family grows and needs change over time. 

The one thing that I really appreciated Radha for is this: She is not a pushy sales person. To be clear, she is _really aggressive_ to the outside world but to her customer (me and my wife), she is extremely patient and plays the long game. She will lay out the options, explain her reasoning and let you make the right decision - that includes a gentle pushback if your decision is wrong in the long run while respecting the fact that you are the final decision maker. To give you an anecdote, my townhome was ready to be sold just before summer and I was raring to put it on the market. She requested a delay of about 6 weeks. I was just thrown. Think about it! Wasn't a salesperson supposed to jump on it and close the sale? No sir, not Radha! She explained that the target audience is on vacation and I would get a better sale if I waited. Sure enough, I waited (with bated breath and uninformed opinions) and got a better price within 2 weeks of listing compared to a 4 week wait for a lower sale price for those who listed during summer. Did I mention she plays the long game?

After my townhome sale, we prepared to buy a single family home. Radha brought her prep skills to bear now. We tried real hard to stump her by throwing all sorts of homes at her in the Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Santa Clara, West San Jose area and failed every time. She knows minute details about every home that we were interested in and why it may not fit us. Unfortunately, she was right - every single time. Why? Because she intuitively understands our likes, wants, needs and recommends only those that will fit us while explaining where we need to compromise and what might/ might not matter. Of the 300+ homes we talked to her about, she agreed with us on 4. We placed 3 offers and closed the 3rd. 

She is spot-on in her assessments and is a real asset on our side. Yes, I said _is_ and not _was_ even though I closed my home. Remember that I said she is a "full service realtor". We continue to consult with her on our remodeling efforts before we move into our dream home. 

In short, Radha doesn't look for the sale. She looks out for the customer and her customers are hers for life. Give her a call even if it is just to get a second opinion. You will find a friend by your side when you embark on your real estate adventure.

Good hunting, my friend!

Sridhar & Deepa - 3462 Bella Vista Ct, Santa Clara, CA - 12/18/2018

tldr : If you are trying to find a good realtor in Bay Area, look no further, Radha is the Best :-)

We met her and she understood our needs. She would accommodate our schedule to show houses when we were free. She was never pushy and explained the pros/cons of each house.

When it came to writing down an offer, she was very quick and coz she already had a repo with the seller's agent, she got us a house under asking price.

She also knows a lot of contractors. Our house needed some minor work and she helped us arrange and find different kinds of contractors. This saved us a lot of money as she has worked with these contractors and got us very good deals.

She made sure everything went smooth till the close of escrow and has been helpful even after that. A couple of my friends have already started working with her. Thanks for getting us our first home :-)

Amik and Daman - 3451 San Marcos Way, Santa Clara, CA - 12/17/2018

Thank you Radha so much for helping us buy our first house. I felt that we have made the right and accurate choice to ask her to be our selling agent. Working with Radha is one of my unforgettable experiences, because the way she works is so professional that we have no thing to doubt or complain. We definitely recommend Radha to anybody who need to buy or sell house because of her hard working as well as her wide knowledge in the real estate area. We really appreciate all things that she have done for us to help us and make everything easier for us . Thanks again Radha !

Chuong and Hung - 820 Sherman Oaks Dr, San Jose, CA - 12/17/2018

We knew about Radha through a friend of ours. From the very first meeting until post escrow closure, she was very helpful to say the least.
She listens very carefully to your needs & she gives her honest opinions. She does not push you into making any decisions. But she will make sure you have all the input you need to make your best decision. 

She knows the Bay Area real estate market very well. She does excellent research about the property you are interested in & will bring a new pair of eyes to point out all positives/negatives about the place.

We got the first house we ever placed a bid on. Our's was not the highest offer but she made sure to create excellent terms & conditions which made our offer favorable among others. She can save you a lot of money!

She is also a very friendly person & extremely reliable.
She also has an excellent team of professionals who are knowledgeable, dedicated & highly responsive.
I highly recommend her for all you home buying/selling needs.

Vishnu and Lakshmi - 675 Celadon Circle #5, San Jose, CA - 12/12/2018

Radha is the best of the best when it comes to getting a realtor and I would strongly recommend her for all your home buying needs. She might just end up saving you thousands of dollars. We bought our home a little over a month ago and are very happy we chanced upon Radha after being quite disillusioned with our previous realtor's speed and talent at putting down offers. 

A few highlights of our experience with Radha:
i. She prepared an excellent offer with very crisp terms that made our offer attractive to the seller despite not being the highest offer
ii. Radha works with an excellent team of professionals. If you are doing business with her, you know you have a good team of people going the extra mile for you. This included banking agents, contractors and so on
iii. She is extremely familiar with all nooks and corners of the bay area and has a good pulse on what areas would be good to buy in 
iv. She is good at reading the house in terms of the plot, house layout and overall structural configuration
v. We wanted to bid more, she cautioned us against it and also pointed out few aspects of our area which we had not noticed before 
Funny story: We met Radha on Sunday and our offer for a house we strongly desired got accepted on Tuesday. Even better, our bid got accepted even though we were not the highest offer. Even though, our pre-sale time was short with Radha, she more than made up for it post sale. We bought a fixer upper. Radha patiently came for several visits after buying the house and gave fantastic ideas for remodeling the house even though this was above and beyond the scope of her duties. 
We appreciate her help a lot and are confident she will help you find your dream home.

Jitesh and Manasi - 576 Saratoga Avenue, Santa Clara, CA - 12/10/2018

Radha was a great help throughout our home buying process. The house we bought was off market and re-introduced into the market and we had lost all hopes to buy a house in this competitive silicon valley market. She insisted we look at the house at least once and then make our decision and that was it. We were able to cut of a deal for the house. She has excellent knowledge of the real estate market and is very prompt in taking actions. I highly recommend Radha who has been trying to buy a house in bay area.

Raunak and Garima - 765 Berryessa St, Milpitas, CA - 12/10/2018


We have used Radha’s professional realtor services for buying and selling house. And many of our friends have used her services for buying and/or selling. One thing that stands out with her, is she has an eye for detail and a taste for good homes. Especially in bay area, where many houses come with lots of daunting compromises in floor plan, condition, layout, or location, her guidance will be valuable in saving time and money in picking the right home to buy or positioning the right way to sell. The other thing that stands out with her is she is very passionate about her work. And hence she is able to provide valuable ideas/assistance/pointers to clients before and after real estate transactions. The third thing that stands out with her is her strong listening and observation skills. So, its, easier to communicate with her exactly what e as clients are looking for and as a result found her suggestions/ideas very reliable and dependable.

 Ananth and Preeti Durbha - 6187 SQUIREDELL Drive, San Jose, CA – 12/8/2018 


It was a great experience with Radha. She works very patiently, explains even small things which we as a first-time buyer overlooked sometimes. We are very satisfied with her way of working. She gives enough time to think before investing a huge amount in property and never puts any kind of pressure on her clients. I highly recommend Radha.

Chinmay and Nidhi Parekh - 125 Connemara Way, #122, Sunnyvale, CA - 12/6/2018

We've done two transactions with Radha, first buying our house and then selling our old rental, and have had a wonderful experience working with her. 

Radha has been extremely patient with us during the buying process. When we started the process, we were still not sure on the location we should be looking into. She helped us narrow down the area we should focus on. She helped us see the benefit of buying a older house in a great location and remodeling it versus buying a relatively new home and paying  more for it. We started our search around May and closed the house in August. She worked very closely with the loan agents, inspection companies and helped us get a quick closing. Once the house was ours, she helped us in the contractor selection process, so we could start our remodeling within a week of getting the keys. We cannot thank her enough!

During the selling of our rental property, we had to completely depend on Radha as we were traveling during open house and closing of that transaction. She identified the upgrades needed in the house before she can put up the house on sale. She helped us select the contractors and worked with them to complete the upgrades in time. She had lined up the inspection companies, staging company & photographers so that there was no delay for our side. She shared with us  all the offers on the house, and gave us her feedback on each one. Thanks to Radha, we got a great deal!

Umesh and Shubhra R…13119 Glen Brae Dr, Saratoga, CA - 12/5/2018


Radha is an amazing agent who gets my highest recommendation if you're a serious buyer. She makes sure to understand your priorities, work with your budget and find the best house for you. We had strict budget constraints when we were looking and Radha was able to find us our home which we loved on the first tour. She is really committed and worked from overseas to help us put an offer in, despite the time zone difference.  She really impressed us with her knowledge about the required paperwork and thoroughness in going through the disclosures.  She has built a good network and was able to give us good references to financial agents. If you are looking for an expert to help you buy your dream home, I would definitely recommend Radha. Overall she is a great one-stop agent if you are a serious buyer.

Milir & Shivashankari...3531 Story Road, San Jose, CA - 12/3/2018

Radha was a great help throughout our first home purchase process. Not only she helped us finalize the location based on our priorities but was also instrumental in guiding us which house is good vs bad for us. She has a great knowledge of the real estate market in bay area. 

During our search process, she used to send us homes in advance for us to view and was always available to go with us and provide her expert insights. Major difference I felt with Radha was that she never pushed us to close a deal and was always fair considering our priorities. 

I recommend Radha to anyone who is a first or experienced home buyer in bay area.

Varun Antil...3634 Wyndham Drive, Fremont, CA - 12/3/2018

As first time home buyers we wanted a Real Estate agent who would guide us through the home buying process and we could not have asked for anyone better than Radha. 

Radha patiently worked with us over months as we reviewed houses. She is very friendly, makes a personal connection, understands your family needs and works accordingly. She also helped us understand nuances of home buying like loan types, offer process , inspection etc. Radha was always available to discuss our queries, very honest about her opinions yet never influenced us and always left the decision to us. 

Radha is super responsive and very helpful even with small queries. She is always prompt with her communication in terms of follow ups etc.

Even after we closed the offer there were a few more hiccups on the way and Radha handled the situation with calm and went the extra mile to ensure everything fell in place.

We would highly recommend Radha as a trusted realtor.

Swapnaja & Pawan...1482 Luning Dr, San Jose, CA - 11/26/2018


We have made several Real Estate transactions in the Bay Area over the past 15 years. We have worked with 4 other agents and interviewed 10s of agents (for previous transactions) before working with Radha. First off, I have to say what I always tell friends and family: "I do not believe in 'discount' agents. Before shopping for a house or trying to sell a house, interview and shop for the Realtor first. If you cannot trust your agent, anything you pay is a waste."
Radha sets the Gold Standard of full commission agent, who earns every penny and gives much more in terms of great solid advice and peace of mind. Many agents pitch their "decades of experience" which also often means that they have inherited the business and clients list from a parent and are now mostly delegating field work and client interactions to the underlings which is often of low quality. Some other agents who are newer to the business sometimes get too aggressive and pushy to sign that contract. Radha is neither of the above.
Radha provides the best combination of experience, real honest advice, responsiveness, communication skills and tech savvy. In all my prior experiences with other agents I have always been ahead in the online searching, researching and shopping part, due to the nature of my day job. Radha is the first agent who actually was always ahead of me. I was impressed and at one point I stopped trying to keep up with her. I gave her full control of search and negotiations and she knocked it out of the ballpark.
[I have zero vested interest in posting this review. No kickbacks, no credits, nothing. Our transaction has closed and we happily paid full commission.]

Ayon and Paiya Sinha...5457 Leigh Ave, San Jose, CA - 11/6/2018

We have been known Radha for almost fifteen years. She helped us finding and buying the house we leaved for the last ten years and helped us selling the same house making a large profit on it. 

She is the "Best of the Best". 

The through advantage we had with Radha was her art of negotiation during the process of buying at the best price and selling at the highest price possible on the market. 

My wife and I were first time home buyers and did not have much knowledge about the home buying process. Radha was patient with us and guided us through the entire home buying / mortgage process. She was able to understand our requirements and show us appropriate listings, and was very knowledgeable about the Bay Area housing market. 
She helped to find the house just before it came out in the market, so we could make an offer without all the other potential buyers. She managed to negotiate all the options with the sellers and we were able to make the offer before the open house. 

I can't stress enough how she is great for first time buyers! Going into the process I don't think the wife or I knew what we were looking for. Even when we were forming a feel of what we wanted, we weren't very good with articulating it. Radha was able to pick up on these cues and in many instances translate them to requirements that we were looking for in our home. She was able to guide us as a friend, and helped us buy the home we always wanted!

After ten years, we decided to sell the house and move out of the country so we asked Radha to not only helping us selling the house but also managing everything, "A to Z", without us being around anymore. 
Radha is dedicated, experienced, knowledgeable, dynamic, responsive, patient, diligent, tactful ... and most importantly, very reliable. 

As we left, Radha managed all the preparation of the house, the showing, and the negotiations just with our very limited involvement. We gave full power to prepare and sell the house as needed, no other words were necessary. 

Radha could also work under pressure very well. In the last hours of the selling process, things became very heated. We were able to make a major jump in the selling price all due to Radha experience and "cold blood". 

Overall if there are any friends/family members who are looking to buy or selling home I would definitely make sure they use Radha. As she indicated in her profile we got "unparalleled services with utmost care and honesty"

Mario O...2330 Valerie Court, Campbell, CA - 10/18/2018


Radha came highly recommended by our friends who had worked with her in the past. Our experience with her has been very good, in line with what our friends had stated.
Radha understands your needs, she is very knowledgeable, extremely solution oriented, very approachable and she always goes above and beyond. She was just a phone call away throughout our home buying process.
She worked with us for many years till we found something that met our needs and helped us at every step. She has tons of experience and a great eye for aesthetics and design as well, she did not just tell us the pros and cons of the properties that we were looking at but she was also able to give great suggestions on what we could do to customize it to our needs including the ballpark cost. We ended up doing some remodeling based on her suggestions to the house we finally bought and she provided good recommendations during the remodeling process as well.

Home buying is such a huge decision and having someone you can completely trust is very important and I am very glad we went with Radha, we had a really great time working with her and we would highly recommend Radha to anyone looking for a Real Estate Agent.

Ann C (Anesh and Neetu)...870, Quintinia Drive, Sunnyvale, CA - 7/24/2018


As a first time homebuyer, we were very vague about our requirements. But when we met Radha, her passion and outlook gave us a good confidence in selecting her as our agent. Her proactiveness and patience to understand our thought process when we look at a house is amazing. "All that glitters is not gold" is so true when we realized that we were getting fascinated by the upgrades rather than the house. As a confused home buyer, our major requirement was someone who is readily available, patiently answers our questions and also discuss about something which is in our mind, but we are not sure about.
Her punctuality and dedication is amazing and nothing fascinates more than the disciplined agent.Her calm composure helped us when we were doubtful about the house or the condition of the offer and decided not to take the risk. Every house we discussed, we got to learn something new from her. The relation to be able to speak about anything made this process so amazing.
The way she handled our bid is amazing. Once we got in contract, the entire process was so smooth and it was only because of the amazing referrals that she gave. The people we talked to, has so awesome thoughts about her and how much they enjoy working with her. This made us fill so much pride in saying that she represented us as our buyer's agent.
We hope we get to work with her in the future as well. We are so sure that she will be always available to answer our all questions. You rock Radha !!!!

Vaibhav & Priya M...542 Tarter Court, San Jose, CA - 6/4/2018

Radha goes above and beyond as a realtor! During our initial appointment we told her that we had been half-heartedly looking for ~3 years, but were finally ready to get serious. She made time for us to see several homes within our price point and never failed to be available for questions about location, schools, neighborhoods and projected value. 
During the escrow process, a loan agent we had used in the past made a critical error and threw us into panic mode. Radha was cool under pressure and referred us to another loan provider that processed our loan (start to finish in 10 days) for a multi-million purchase with loan agreements we are very happy with. 
She met us at the close of escrow appointment and sent us a thoughtful home warming gift to our new house. She has continued to reply quickly to my texts/emails regarding referrals for various contractors months after we bought our home. 
Thank you Radha for working so hard to get us into our wonderful home!

A N (Ben and Alexandria)...659 Peachtree Court, Campbell, CA - 5/10/2018


I don't usually write reviews, but when I do...

We just closed two transactions with Radha - the first to buy our current single-family home, the second to sell our condominium. She played an instrumental role in both.

From start to finish, Radha has been nothing less than phenomenal, with a capital P. Much has been written here about her M.O., so I will not go into that here.

Part advisor, part trusted friend, Radha balances the line between personal and professional very well. We never once felt pressured or coerced into doing something we did not want. She took all our idiosyncrasies in stride, not batting an eye to requests like changing our offer price an hour before the offer deadline or going out to see the same property more than once. She was up for chatting and helping us think through our decisions any time of day (sometimes late evening too!). Our sale ran into some delays and she helped shepherd that process along very well.

Radha has an extreme attention to detail. I am a stickler for detail and after the first few times, I knew better than to check every little detail on any document she sent us because I knew she would have taken care of it already.

Having been around the block a few times, she is able to very clearly and accurately articulate what work would be required to make a home shine (both as a buyer and a seller). She has a trusted network of professionals that she plugs you into once the ball starts rolling. Every single one of them is outstanding - gardener, painter, GC, handyman, electrician, you name it. She also knows the bay area market very well, and even has a built in compass which she uses to instantly tell you which direction a window or door is facing.

I haven't even got to the best part about working with Radha - her INTEGRITY. She is on your side and works really hard so you do not have to. She managed the extremely tight timeline for renovations in my condo very well, scheduling contractors one after the other and dealing with any problems that arose (among others, our carpet order was misplaced, which could have caused a cascaded delay for everything else). In one case, a vendor applied my invoice's discount to another order and she promptly refunded me the difference even when I was not aware of the slip-up. During our purchase, she steered us away from bidding very high, even if that meant lost commission. She is in it for the long run and will certainly be the first person I call when we want to purchase another property.

I think her real secret is that she has managed to clone herself. How one person can have time to work so well with so many people is beyond me. She always made time for us and we never felt rushed. Radha is the busiest person I know and I do not know how she manages to squeeze in so many things in 24 hours. My wife and I call her Superwoman for her integrity, friendliness, professionalism and built-in compass. Give her a call - I think you will agree.

Gaurav S...1544 Dominion Avenue Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA - 4/28/2018

We are a very happy & satisfied costumers of Radha. She is extremely warm, helpful and makes you take the right steps at the right time. Our home search lasted only for 3 months and with Radha by our side all happened like a breeze. She assisted us in our loan process and made the entire process less burdensome.

On the house we eventually purchased, she gave us valuable input with regard to the necessary value-added upgrades that we could do to our home so that if we were to sell our place in the future we could get the best bang for the buck. She worked with the assessor to ensure that he took all of the recent sales into account prior to assessing our home. In addition, she provided us with contact informations for all the necessary contractors/handymen. 

Radha, is an one stop person for all home buyers. Thanks a ton Radha. You are one of THE BEST!!! In short, after the completion of the nerve wrecking home buying process (in this seller's market), we not only found THE BEST Realtor but also a good friend.  We wish her all the success and hope to work with her again in future.

Yousuff & Farah - 1195 Park Oak Court, Milpitas, CA - 4/27/2018


We are so glad we found Radha on Yelp. When you see all the 5* reviews, you may be skeptical, but here is why Radha is awesome-
1. She knows the area. She knows it by the zip, the streets and the comps.
2. She knows houses. She can go through an inspection report, and give you accurate estimates of $$ it will take to fix each item. This is an invaluable asset when you are trying to make a decision about a home.
3. She has an excellent work ethic and works super hard for her clients. She is busy, but she always made time available to visit homes or go through disclosures with us, often working late into the night. She always calls back, and she is always on time for her appointments. 
4. She has great contacts in the industry - other agents, lenders, contractors. All these folks regard her highly, which is a good thing for you as a client.
5. She is patient and calm. We were difficult at times, but she was always there for us without being frustrated. 
6. There were homes where we were on the fence, and she advised us to not bid if we were not 100% sure. She never pressured us, and saved us a few times from making wrong decisions about homes. You can trust her to always have her client's best interest at heart.

We highly recommend Radha, and wish her all the best. If you are a buyer or a seller, trust us, you are on the right track.

Rohan B and Pranali...1102 Somerset Drive, San Jose, CA - 4/27/2018


We met Radha in early Feb 2018, after having worked with two other realtors. Our first meeting itself was very fruitful. Radha explained to us the financials of buying a home and in the process made us feel more confident and comfortable about our home buying decision. Most realtors send you automated MLS links to homes but what sets her apart is her approach to the entire process. She is very calm and composed and wouldn't encourage you to put in a higher offer just to get you in contract. She would spend a lot of time explaining the disclosures to us and ensured we had a realistic view of the house. She would take her time to inspect the home very well and tell us in detail about her findings.
Our 2nd offer with her was accepted on the same day and we couldn't be happier because we know we paid just the right price in this very hot market. We would highly recommend her in your search for your dream home in the bay area!

Deepak and Aparna D...1923 Camden Ave, San Jose, CA - 4/22/2018


If you are looking for a realtor to buy your first home, or upgrade from your current home in SF bay area, look no further and chat with Radha. I will begin by saying that Radha got us our first home in less than 3 weeks. My wife and I had heard so many horror stories about the housing market here, the number of offers buyers have to make before landing something, etc. We are sure that if we would have worked with anyone other than Radha, we would still be looking.

First-time home buying is stressful, and Radha made the entire process from the time we looked at our first open house to the time we closed as seamless as possible. She listened to all our requirements very patiently over couple of long meetings and then several times over the phone, helped us see what is important and what is not, and got us to the point where our offers were competitive in a very short time. All this time, she was not pushy and gave us take as much time as we wanted to come to a decision.

She has a keen eye for detail and was quick to point out the less than perfect upgrades done on several properties. She also talked us out of some very bad decisions that we could have made during the process.

Five plus stars all the way! Thank you Radha!!

Anubhav A and Shruti...6039 Breton Place, Union City, CA - 4/21/2018


We wanted to buy our first home and was searching for a good realtor to work with.Radha pretty much had only 5-star glowing reviews on Yelp, and I can see why that is after working with her. Our experience with Radha was excellent from the very first time we spoke on the phone. Radha is very personable and easy to communicate with.

Buying a house for the first time is quite a terrifying and daunting experience, but Radha guided us throughout the entire process.Radha is very knowledgeable about the Bay area, including school districts, general safety, commute times, activities, restaurants, demographics, market price, etc.

In summary, Radha's knowledge and patience, great communication skills, and commitment to acting on her client's interests make her an excellent choice for someone looking to purchase a home.

Aditya and Smita A...1718 Don Avenue, San Jose, CA - 4/19/2018


First of all Radha is a fantastic partner to work with for finding your dream home.

Our first conversation was about our requirements and the areas of interest. After couple of conversations it was evident that she understood exactly what our requirements were.

After sorting out the requirements she periodically sent us the list of properties matching our criteria. We did our side of the search as well and would shortlist the houses we want to look. After we had the list of properties we visited the houses and she provided valuable inputs regarding every aspect of the house (value, upgrades required, cost etc just to name a few). Infact she made sure we did not discount any factors that might affect our decision. She is frank and straightforward in her opinion. She is a very busy person but hey that is a sign of a person in demand. Inspite of her busy schedules she always made sure she gave the time we needed to discuss every aspect of home buying.

After looking at some properties, we liked one. Before we decided to bid for it Radha took the time to walk us through the disclosures and property inspection reports and all the other documents. She basically teaches you to fish so that you can do it yourself on the next property you like. This gives a lot of confidence in decision making when you understand every bit of the property which could potentially become your home. We decided not to offer on this after careful consideration.

After few more searches we liked a house and we immediately got together and went through all the details and decided to offer. She wrote an excellent offer within our scope and criterion. It turned out to be the winning offer. Our first offer was the winning offer and we were extremely happy to have got our home especially in this highly competitive market (sometimes insane :) ).

The journey did not stop here, right after our offer was accepted she offered lot of contacts with respect to Lenders, Contractors (we had few upgrades). Basically she is a complete package.

We are happy to have worked with Radha and I highly recommend her.

Kiran S and Shruti...38267 Farwell Drive, Fremont, CA - 4/4/2018


Radha is a knowledgeable, responsive, personable, and a great realtor. We met her at an open house a few months ago and were pleased with her honesty and guidance as we had just started looking for a single-family house. Starting from that weekend she helped us every day -- she visited the houses with us on the weekends', helped us understand what we should value in a home, neighborhood, schools, comps, etc. She would answer our calls late in the evening because of our busy schedules and patiently answer 100's of questions we had as a first-time home buyer.

She helped us buy our first house in Mountain View and still continues to advise us on finding the right contractor/answering general questions. We enjoyed working with her and would strongly recommend her to all our friends/family!

Pratik D and Siddhi...918 Marilyn Drive, Mountain View, CA - 2/26/2018


Whenever there was a open house in our area I would see Radha most of the time as the agent listing the house, I would chat with her and she never aggressively sold her services. She would give information without any expectations. Then when it was time to list our house we remembered and asked her to list it. She gave us very valuable feedback on what we should do to get top dollars. Every step she guided us and gave us the best advice. She suggested contractors and also project managed most of the renovation work - this was not even in her contract but she did it without any complaints. Thank you.
Remember we are not the most easy people to work with but Radha with her diplomatic approach managed us and also got top dollars for our house. 
She knows what makes a space look good and suggested the right combo to make our condo look bright and attractive - total credit to Radha.
Totally recommend Radha to list and help you buy your house - does not matter if you are first time buyer or not. She is the best agent out there.

Sathya P...1302 Cottage Grove Court, Tracy, CA - 2/24/2018


Let me just begin with this - Radha is your best bet!

We met Radha after working (and failing) with two other realtors, and what an experience it has been!

Radha is a very diligent person. She will regularly follow up and be on top of things. Her team is fantastic and we have always had queries turned around within a few minutes. 
From our ongoing house hunting, we knew what we wanted in a house and Radha was very attentive to our needs and our budget.

As first time home buyers, we were apprehensive about stretching our conservative budget. Radha was the nudge we needed. She made us realize what we already knew, but were in denial - With every house we let go, the market will have moved further out of our reach. Our first bid made with Radha was accepted!

Radha helped us look beyond the aesthetics and gave us a rough estimate of all the expenses needed to face-lift the house to our expectations. With her expertise, we were able to make an informed bid. We are now working with a contractor, also suggested by Radha, and his quote did come very close to Radha's estimates!

Other than being a great realtor, she's also a very pleasant person, the kind who is dependable and always willing to help.

Buying our first home will probably be our biggest and the most involved decision - both financially and emotionally. We are very fortunate to have Radha facilitate this process for us.

Gandhar and Shweta S...4973 Valpey Park Avenue, Fremont, CA - 2/21/2018


As a real estate loan agent there's nothing we appreciate more than transparency and true professionalism. Having a partnership with Radha and her clients has been a real pleasure. I highly recommend her as a real estate professional. Every client we have worked with through Radha speak very highly of the service she provides and her willingness to go the extra mile. If you are looking to purchase a new home or are a first-time home buyer I would highly recommend you give her a call. She is one of the best agents I have had the opportunity to work with.

Justin M...Tracy, CA - 2/7/2018


We were introduced to Radha through a friend and are very glad to have found her - she is awesome. As first time home buyers, we were quite apprehensive about the process, but from the very first meeting, she made us very comfortable and answered all our questions patiently. She was also very flexible meeting us on weekends, week days, early in the morning, late in the evening, anytime that worked for us. She is a very good listener because she knew exactly what we were looking for in a house and neighborhood. She was able to point out things that we didn't notice or think to look at. When we finally decided to put down an offer, she had great inputs to help us come up with a competitive offer without blowing up our budget (which is likely to happen here in the Bay Area)! She has a great team and made the closing process very easy and quick. Even now, she is still very responsive whenever we need her inputs/help on something.

Don't wait too long coz the market won't, call Radha now! ;P

Alexandra and Khanfer K...1894 Montford Court, San Jose, CA - 2/1/2018


We got reference of Radha through one of our friend. They had also worked with Radha for their first home
and they highly recommended her. 1 year later we are also proud home owners and we are extremely happy 
that we worked with Radha. 
When you first start working with her, she will take as much time as needed to make sure that you understand
the process very well. It can get easily overwhelming looking at the number of documents to read and fill out just
just to put an offer. During our first offer Radha took a lot of time explaining us which documents/sections are important.

It took us 1 year to get a house and we looked at a lot of houses during this. Radha was extremely good at never
pushing us beyond our budget. Also Radha would herself reject many houses on first sight pointing out any big
negative points that she could see. Hence we never felt any pressure from Radha to hurry into just GETTING ANY HOUSE.
Also, few times Radha showed us a house that she was selling and the sellers were willing to take it off market. Although it
didn't work out for us, but it's a huge advantage if you can get a house off market in this bay area competition.

All in all, we had a great experience working with Radha and would highly recommend her for your house search.

Anurag Z and Neha...1290 Nestwood Way, Milpitas, CA - 1/15/2018

Radha is a great consultant to have by your side when you are in house buying process. She guided us to define priorities and select right neighborhoods. She challenged lot of our choices and thinking very constructive way to get us focused. Meeting her first-time to moving in to our own home was less than 5-weeks!!

She keeps your interests at heart when analysing price-location-property trade-offs. She also has exceptional knowledge of housing market and process, and she is well connected to get you right references that can make buying and closing process a breeze. She is very pleasant, friendly and no-nonsense professional. If you are looking for a house in Milpitas/Berryessa neighborhood, she is the one to go with. She knows these neighborhoods better than local Mayers.

Her guidance is so great that once you are done with first home purchase with her as realtor, you will feel you know the game so well you don't need realtor for a next purchase ::P

S C (Saurinkumar and Smrutibahen)...1419 Piedmont Road, San Jose, CA - 1/10/2018

Radha helped me sell my Sunnyvale townhouse recently and she was amazing - highly knowledgable and professional, anticipating my questions and patiently providing the help I needed. She is exceptional in a competitive field and very dependable and trustworthy. The price paid for my property was far beyond what I anticipated and I know it was because of her advice and guidance.  I was lucky to have found her and I would recommend her unreservedly to anyone who needs to sell or buy a property.

Nancy - Seller in Sunnyvale, CA - 12/6/2017

Radha helped us with buying a new home and subsequently selling our existing house.

We found Radha to be very objective, professional, and patient. She took the time to understand our needs and provided guidance during our house selection process (but never pushed us). When we wanted to sell our house, Radha provided a lot of insights on critical upgrades that would be valuable but were cost effective. Net result: we got a great price for our house..
We'd highly recommend Radha.

Sridhar K and Aruna...1822 Glacier Bay Terrace, San Jose, CA - 11/25/2017


We were referred to Radha through my husband's aunt and it was the best decision to go with her. We had our first meeting with her in January when we were not even sure what we wanted and how the whole process works. She was very professional and helpful from the very first day and walked us through the entire process. She helped us understand the pros and cons as well as guided us with the next steps to be done at our end.

We postponed the decision until June and had our second meeting with her mid June. She referred us to multiple people for pre-approval and we did go with one of her recommendations at Citibank. The process was super smooth!

She asked us to narrow down on the areas we were interested in so that she could look for open houses accordingly and in our budget. Her inputs at each stage were very helpful and she always looks out for her clients' best interest. She even helped us place our first offer while she was out of the country on vacation.

Reasons to go with Radha:

1. Genuine advice at each stage and willing to work with you no matter what your budget/constraints are.

2. Patient and very diligent

3. The entire process can be very overwhelming and it is really important to have a good realtor. With Radha, things were really smooth as she was always just a phone call/text away and very responsive.

4. She would never push you to take a decision if she thinks it might not be in your best interest. We had really liked a house but when Radha visited the house she was convinced that we should not consider and she gave all the right reasons. I am glad we took her advice.

5. She will go out of her way to schedule meetings with you at times which are convenient for you and even visit houses with you no matter how many you want to visit. Always there to answer questions no matter how many times you have asked the same question.

I can continue writing about Radha and it still won't do justice to the effort she puts in for her clients. Her relationship with you does not end once you close the house, she is always available even after. We are renovating our place and she has always been very helpful and very responsive. Once we spoke to Radha we did not even wish to talk to other realtors. She is indeed the best!

Shaurya and Stuti R...2145 Rancho McCormick Court, Santa Clara, CA - 11/14/2017


If you are in need of an amazing realtor who will walk you through the entire process, answer all your questions and calm your nerves, Radha is the realtor for you! She is very responsive and works with fineness. She takes time to hear your concerns, desires and is impressively knowledgable. She made the entire process of Home buying smooth and speedy.

Ashish and Anagha L... 1314 Glacier Drive, Milpitas, CA - 11/3/2017


Radha is a thorough professional and very knowledgable. Working with her makes you feel like you are her only client, and she is always just a phone call, email or text message away.

She is ideal for first time home buyers as she is good with explaining little things that you don't understand and also guides you to take logical decisions. She understands intricacies of Home building/upgrades and repairs too and thats a huge advantage when you need guidance to understand the amount of repairs a house would need.

She gives you a total outlook for a house along with the negative aspects of it and does not push you to make a call. This approach will help first time buyers to get adjusted to reality of the market and in turn helps them to make good decisions.

Vinay R (Vinay & Snigdha)...37628 Central Cove Court, Fremont, CA - 10/30/2017


We bought a home in Serra park neighborhood , Sunnyvale with the help of Radha. Serra park neighborhood is one of hottest market in USA and we need to be really top of game to get a home. Radha has guided the entire process in a very professional manner .

Here are the pros of Radha.

1. Always reachable
2. Provided in-person presentation about Buyers while giving offer to Seller.
3. Will give positives and negatives of the home. She will recommend us to give the best offer , if the house is really good. Will pass on the home , if the house is not worth it.

Mani A and Arthi...1519 Kennewick Drive, Sunnyvale, CA - 10/13/2017

We are so glad to have found Radha during our house search. From day one, Radha made the whole overwhelming process so much manageable for us. There are many realtors out there, the things that distinguish Radha from most of them: 

1. Radha is dependable - she takes the time to understand what you're looking for in a house and gives pros and cons. She challenges your arguments in a way that makes you really think of what you want in a house, and how to achieve it. 
2. Radha has lot of knowledge about the area and helps you make very informed decisions. She will give you insights about what area might be growing vs another and most importantly, backs it up with data. 
3. Radha stays in touch and has a flexible way of working- she's good at emails, texts and calls. She is always available, even on vacations in some cases! She has a good team to support her growing client needs and she never lets your feel that you're not being looked after. All our texts and calls were returned promptly, even the early morning and late night ones. Radha also made her schedule flexible to meet with us super early morning before work.
4. Radha has a ton of patience and takes time to answer all your concerns and questions. Even after we closed the deal, we could depend on Radha to answer our many questions as first time home buyers. 
5. Radha has a good working relationship with many realtors and contractors in the Bay Area- and this helped us get a lot of paper work done quicker, house improvements done by reliable sources and we felt comfortable knowing Radha had our backs

Definitely recommend working with Radha to purchase your dream home!

Hrushikesh and Ipsita M...492 Wild Cherry Terrace, Sunnyvale, CA - 10/12/2017


We were looking to buy a new house and sell our existing house. We started going to open houses in area where we wanted to buy and thats were we met Radha first time as she was selling a house. We talked to her and after couple of weeks she came to our place and told us to invest in painting the house and staging it. We were concerned about putting lot of money for staging but she convinced us that it will pay off. We did all she told us to do. We put the house on the market and with in 5 days we got 12 offers and 100K over asking price and we got 2 months rent back. She guided us in choosing the right buyer for our house. She is an amazing sales person.

After selling the our house we started search for buying a house. We saw many houses and at every step she told us what are pros / cons of each house and why you shouldn't buy this house. She gave us enough time and answered all our concerns patiently.

We saw one house which we liked and we called her to see the house and tell all the pros and cons of that house. She was there in the house that same evening and spent almost 2 hours with us and told us everything about the house. Then we decided to put the offer in the house and she guided us in offer price and we got the house at the best possible price.

One thing we loved about her that she was always very straight, honest and to the point about the whole process.

Overall we had an amazing experience in selling and buying the house with her. We would strongly recommend her and would love to work with her in the future too.

Samir G and Kosha... 2987 Silverland Drive, San Jose, CA - 9/18/2017


When we decided to buy a home in the Sunnyvale area, we talked to our cousin who gave us a detailed description about why they chose to go with Radha for their home. It was enough to convince me to not look for other realtors.
I met Radha the first time and it was a long meeting 2+hrs - she made it a point to keep her phone aside and paid full attention.

After showing us some homes, Radha got a good understanding of what we wanted. Many times, she'd just tour a home for us and only if she thought it matched our requirements, we toured it. She also took the time to walk us through her flip so we'd understand the time and cost of doing one ourselves.
After we lost one bidding war on a fixer-upper, Radha figured out something rare that fit all our requirements - a brand new house with the required space and lot size.
In this crazy market where contingent offers are not possible, Radha worked with us to pull off the impossible - a contingent offer on a brand new home. She was on vacation through the counter offers and yet made sure she was available as required . 
This necessitated a quick move-out from our old home to remodel and sell it.
Radha was meticulous to a point there - helped me with names for contractors, played bad cop and in fact we finished the remodeling a day ahead of schedule. She even personally supervised the remodeling part of the time to ensure every little thing was done correctly.
We received 7 offers on our old home including the top bidder who got cold feet after signing the contract but before providing the deposit. Radha showed her ability then, got us the canceled contract from the first buyer, lined up the second buyer and more importantly ensured their deposit was on hand by the end of the day to avoid any concerns. 
We closed both homes within a day of each other and I didn't pay a single day of mortgage for two homes! We also got a week's rentback.
Buying and selling a home concurrently was not easy and through the loan, escrow and even interacting with the builder, Radha made it a point to look out for our best interests.
Overall, we are so much happier in our brand new home that fits our needs than a fixer-upper that would take years to redesign!
I have already referred Radha to many people and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor. If there is someone who knows how to get the job well done, it is her!

Priya R and DEEPAK... 913 Eleanor Way, Sunnyvale, CA - 7/30/2017


We started searching for a home somewhere around April this year. Attended many open houses and zeroed in to few specific locations. However, due to a very competitive market with low inventory, home buying seemed to be a remote possibility.

That's when we came across Radha's reviews on yelp. From the experience we had until then, we were looking for someone who has extensive knowledge of the area we were interested in. Being first time home buyers, we also needed someone to guide us through the whole home buying process.

Radha surpassed our expectations right from our first meeting. She presented us the detailed market analysis data and what to expect in the coming months. From day one, she was always just a phone call away. She made herself available whenever a new house came up. She walked us through the positives/negatives of the same. When it came to bidding, she made sure that we understand the process in detail and guide us with the right and strong offer. She was in close contact with us from the time our offer got accepted till the point of escrow closure. It didn't end there. We wanted to get some remodeling work done. She understood our expectations and guided us with shops, contractors, materials, appliances and all that was needed. With her thorough knowledge in each area of remodeling, she made sure we understood all nitty-gritties of the changes. Our move in was planned in 3 weeks from escrow closure and she made it possible.

Her level of involvement with us has been outstanding throughout this entire journey. We highly recommend her expertise for anyone looking for a home.

Puspen and Rup B...1567 Clarkspur Lane, San Jose, CA - 7/18/2017


Radha was our realtor when we purchased our first home  this year, and she was simply awesome across the board.

She goes all out to get the right home for you. She's a great listener for a start, but sometimes we don't even know what's right for us, so she will show us plenty of choices, gauge our reactions, and help us better understand what we're looking for in a home. We learnt a lot from visiting properties with her, thanks to her experience and attention to detail.

Making a successful offer on a home in this area is no cakewalk. I definitely valued Radha data-driven approach to pricing, which gave us more confidence when deciding whether to make an offer and how much to offer.

One other thing that stood out was her dedication to her clients. When it came time to make an offer, Radha was comfortable to go over detail on each perspective even in nights. I don't expect that level of effort, but it's greatly appreciated.

We are thankful we made decisions we were comfortable with throughout the process, and we ended up with a great home, thanks to Radha.

Sunil and Neetu... 644 Picasso Terrace, Mountain View, CA - 4/22/2017


Last late summer, my husband & I started hunting of our first home. Being first time buyers, we were so confused about the home buying process from mortgage to title. We also had specific requirements such as location, community, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, floor level, patio, etc.
Open house visits and high scale bidding ruined most of our weekends. It was also almost impossible for us to review new listings on regular property sites with daily work routines. 

We are so thankful, that we saw Ms Radha Rustagi on yelp. We got very good response from Radha compared to other agents. In our very first meeting she educated us on the buying process and even gave us documents, which clearly explained the convoluted process. When it came time to bidding, she clearly explained the complicated rules and the bidding procedure elaborately. After meeting Radha our search criteria such as price range, locality, floor plan became clear and we were much more efficient in making decisions. 

She is highly experienced in house hunting, location pro/con and estimating the true value of a property. She showed us numerous listings as per our preference. She helped us throughout the process, from short listing properties, thoroughly going through disclosures, selecting a mortgage partner and placing competitive bids for shortlisted properties. She was with us at every step.

It was such an emotional moment for us when our bid was accepted for a condo located in the heart of silicon valley, stones throw away from Apple's new spaceship campus, near to both I-280 & 101 exits and numerous expressways.

We are very thankful to her. Her help has not stopped here; she helped us get a good contractor for remodeling the condo at an affordable cost.

I would definitely recommend Radha as an agent and would like to work with her in future :)

Sandesh and Anila...1001 E Evelyn Terrace, Sunnyvale, CA - 4/5/2017

We sold our rental home with Radha. She helped design the entire bathroom and kitchen to the latest trends and she is fully aware of what each house needs to get very good price per the market. She worked patiently with me throughout the entire process. She is very professional and through and more importantly knows what she is doing.

Suresh Reddy and Sirisha... 1860 Grand Teton Dr, Milpitas, CA - 4/5/2017

Buying a house in the bay area especially can get very over whelming- with the limited inventory and multi bidding process things get very stressful very fast! I am glad Radha held our hand through this. Radha was refereed to us through a friend. She knows the market well and strives hard to understand what the client really wants. She gave us space and time to make our choices and helped us make the right decision. 

She also helped us expedite the closing process making sure we did not miss the school enrollment deadline. 
I am pretty sure I will reach out to her if we get into the market again!

Abhishek and Dhanashri... 308 Genoa Drive, Redwood City, CA - 4/4/2017


This is not my first time writing a review for Radha. Recently, we sold our home with Radha. This makes it our third successful transaction with her and we are equally delighted to work with her as we were on our first and second transactions. I still stand by my previous review of hers - she is committed to you, she is patient, resourceful, she is your trusted advisor every step of the way. For us, she has reduced our anxiety in the complex buying/selling process. At times, she has gone above and beyond her responsibilities to take care of things for us. It is a breeze to work with her.

We once again whole heartedly recommend her and look forward to working with her in future.

Atul and Anagha V...425 Navaro Way #219, San Jose, CA - 3/29/2017


We bought our second home with Radha recently. When we worked with her on buying our first home in the crazy Bay area market, I realized the value of having a savvy, well connected real estate agent on your side. I would even go on to saying that she is not just an agent but she is an adviser who works on your behalf 24*7. 

Radha knows real estate, more importantly she understands what you need. I agree with Gokul who wrote recommendation for Radha here. She somehow knows what you would like.  She is patient, she will come and see as many homes as it takes until you settle down on one you like. There are times when she has made us change our mind showing us problems with homes that we couldn't see with our naivety and we are glad we did listen to her. Talking about her working 24*7 and her patience - while putting offer on our first home, since we were heading out on a camping trip the next day, she stayed up until 1 AM at night going over the disclosures and helping us understand what each one is. I was dozing off but she was at her best even at that time of the day. 

Right from your first questions of when, where, and how much can I afford to you settling down in your home, Radha is there with you all the way working for you. She is in constant contact with everyone involved in the home buying process, keeping everyone informed, resolving any potential issues and ensuring that the process goes as smooth as possible. Now that we have bought a home, we know a lot can go wrong from the time you say "I want to put an offer on this home" to actually getting the keys to the home and having a trusted Adviser like Radha on your side can make a HUGE difference in every aspect of the home buying process from price, to negotiating the terms, to meeting the deadlines, to getting a right interest rate and so on. 

Radha has gone above and beyond her expected work as an agent and helped us out in so many ways. Not just us, but all of our friends who have bought their homes with her are extremely happy with her. We recommend her wholeheartedly.

Atul and Anagha V…208 CYPRESS Avenue, Santa Clara, CA - 12/15/2014


Summary: She was the selling agent for our house.

How did it start: We looked at the recently sold comps in our community, and picked the top 2 agents who sold in our community because they tend to know the statistics better. We interviewed both of them (Radha and another realtor B).
Realtor B's agent's fee was lower, but he underestimated the price of our house. He gave us a selling price estimate which we felt was too low. Radha's fee was 0.5% more, but she gave us $100k more estimate on the selling price, and therefore we chose her. Don't repent it at all. 

Next, as soon as we vacated the house, we never made a single visit to the house or Radha's office (except the day we decided on the offers). She picked the keys and did all the paperwork she wanted. All we did was give the keys to her -- she got in a contractor to make the house turnkey i.e, she asked us to spend the minimum dollars to get the maximum good look. She herself went to Home depot with the gardener and changed the landscaping for our house. Other than giving her the key, we did nothing.

Within two weeks from the time we gave her the key, everything was ready -- new paint, new doors, nice landscaping and staging, and we were on the market on the third week. The house was awesome, awesome, awesome -- I couldn't believe it was my own house and my friends felt the same too.
She then listed the house on MLS listings, and within a few hours, I saw 2 digit number of favorites on redfin, and 100+ favorites within a week.

She had multiple open houses and she got her colleagues also to host the open house. In every room, she had a poster describing the room, the updates done, etc. Never seen such kind of hardwork before. She also had multiple open houses during the weekday.

She was extremely professional: we had all the paperwork done correctly without hiccups, and we revealed everything we knew about the house to the buyer.

Finally, we got multiple offers with more than $100k over asking. We choose the highest offer with no contingencies. Up-to-date, this is the highest price  that this kind of house has ever been sold for (100k more than a similar house sold recently)

Cons: Sometimes, I felt she was a bit slow in responding to my emails. She is more quick to phone calls. But finally it didn't matter. We got the best price for our house. 

If you are thinking of a seller's agent and want the best price, don't think. Radha rocks!

Mighty M (Nalini and Prakash)... 644 Picasso Terrace, Sunnyvale, CA - 3/16/2017


We worked with Radha to buy property in San Jose in 2016. She was highly recommended by one of our close friends.

Radha has in depth knowledge of real estate in Bay area. She is able to point out all positives and negatives very well and helps you to weigh them according to your needs. She has attention to details and will point so many things about the house that you would have never thought. She never forces you to make a decision and helps clear your mind with facts and figures. She is very prompt and competitive and will provide you with the most accurate market  trends. Because of Radha's guidance we were very comfortable at the time of buying. She answered all the questions we had. I am really glad that someone recommended Radha to us. With her help we were able to  purchase the property we wanted within 2 months. The references that came through Radha were very good as well, especially the bank agent and few contractors who worked on our house. Overall I had a very good experience with Radha and would recommend her to anyone who is planning to buy a property.

Sunil P. and Juhi...1736 Queens Crossing Dr, San Jose, CA - 1/31/2017


Radha was referred to us by a friend and it was one of the best referrals we received till date. We were first time home buyers and were lucky to have Radha as our agent. 

Radha is a thorough professional and extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market in the bay area. 

In our first meeting she spent a good amount of time listening to us and understanding our exact requirements. Radha has an eye for detail and would always point out the pros and cons of the homes we visited with her. She would never push us in any particular direction and would always let us make our own decisions. She was always very prompt in communication, be it answering our emails, phone calls or text messages. 

She would read all the disclosures and inspection reports thoroughly before putting an offer and would inform us if something needed attention. She knows exactly how to write a good offer, one which the seller most likely won't be able to turn down. We were able to get our dream home in a very short span of time, all thanks to Radha. 

Radha not only helped us with our home buying process but went above and beyond to help us through our entire mortgage process. 

She was extremely easy to work with and was always very responsive to all our queries. 
Radha also has a lot of referrals handy, be it a general contractor, handyman, gardener, pool service provider, fumigation company or stores carrying home remodeling materials. She also has great home remodeling ideas.
All in all, we are very happy to have found Radha to help us with our home buying process and would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy or sell their house.

Abhijit and Anagha G... 38158 Ashford Way, Fremont, CA - 1/6/2017


In summary "Best of the Best"
If you are looking to buy homes in bay area & need an agent Radha should be the 1st choice.

Very thorough and helps in the home buying process from A-Z. When you choose Radha as your realtor you are guaranteed of  professionalism par none. She will provide input on the market & aspects of the house which one may not have considered. Once you want to make an offer she will help write a compelling offer that most likely will get accepted.

As an agent she could stop after you get the house. But she goes above & beyond. She will refer good architects & contractors if you need one. And will check-in regularly till you move in to your home. 

We are thankful (& lucky) to have found Radha to buy our house.

Aravind N and Sudha... 7562 Kirwin Lane, Cupertino, CA - 1/5/2017


Radha helped us to quickly find a home in the Santa Clara Neighbour hood. Very knowledgeable and practical when it comes to understanding buyers needs. Helped us to get the right home. Highly recommend Radha as a real estate agent to anyone looking to buy/sell a home.

Anand K and Nivedita... 669 Nazareth Court, Santa Clara, CA - 1/1/2017

My buying experience could not have been any more easier. We were picky about what our house should look like and Radha was very meticulous about the details and made sure that all our requirements were met in a realistic way. She knows the area we were looking for (Sunnyvale) like that back of her palm. Her knowledge of the various building codes, violations and construction designs patterns in various parts of the town was very useful to us as buyers. She did not hesitate to take us to show houses around the area numerous times. In all we had a wonderful experience and earned a new friend.

To add to this , she also took care of putting our house on the market. We were tied up with other important commitments during this time and she took the reign and made sure the home was in the best possible condition for a suitable sale. It was sold in record time with the house being in the market for just 4 days. 
I would recommend Radha any day for her business ethic, knowledge of the real estate business,  professionalism and respect for the client she is working for.

Murali and Sreelakshmi…726 Jackpine Ct, Sunnyvale, CA - 1/1/2017


Buying a house can be a complicated process with all its intricacies. Being a first time homebuyer in an aggressive market like the Bay area can be pretty overwhelming. Having an expert realtor like Radha at the helm makes things so much easier! 

Radha has extensive knowledge of the real estate scene in the Bay area. She was patient and professional in explaining the details, and guiding us through the homebuying / mortgage process. She was able to quickly understand our requirements and pointed us towards relevant listings which we could consider. She was very prompt with her responses to our many queries over email / text / call throughout the process.

Radha is meticulous and detail oriented. Touring homes with her helped us learn the different aspects we need to look for in a home. With each home we toured, she mentioned the pros and cons from a neutral perspective and let us make the call regarding considering the house seriously enough to make an offer. 

Radha is well aware of the constituents of a strong offer so as to pique the interest of the seller. She went the extra mile at every step to ensure that we get the best deal. We had travel plans just after loan closure. Radha took care of co-ordinating the pest control treatment with the provider while we were away! 

Thanks for all the help Radha! 
For prospective homebuyers, Radha is a friend and guide who's got your back, every step of the way :)

Ashwin S and Rohini... 1745 Coralee Dr, San Jose, CA - 12/19/2016


One of the most important decisions of one's life is buying a house. It is important that you get clear guidance, complete information and correct advice. Radha gave us exactly that. She has commanding knowledge of the bay area market which makes her stand out from many other realtors. She does a thorough study of disclosures and reports before writing the offer. Our offer was written in a way that the seller could not turn it down. She also helps with any remodeling ideas that you might have. Choosing her as our realtor changed the way we looked at houses and we were able to buy a house in a short period of time. We would definitely go with her for our next purchase as well and highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking to buy/sell a house.

Max P. (Hiren and Miril)… 638 Enos Court, Santa Clara, CA - 12/14/2016


This review is long overdue! Radha was our trusted agent for two transactions over a 8-10 month period - selling our  townhome and buying a new SFH. 

We were first time sellers and Radha's understanding of the market/buyer profile and her willingness to do everything required to make the home attractive to buyers helped us sail through the process without a hitch.

We did not think twice about using Radha's services when we were ready to buy in a hot seller's market. She was patient with us, explained pros and cons of each home and on several occasions helped us focus when we were drifting towards a perfect home in a not so desirable location! 
Buying in the bay area is not easy and I can't say enough about how reassuring it was to have such a personable and organized realty expert on our side! 5 solid stars!!

Roshan N and Anjali... 140 Tuolumne Dr, Fremont, CA - 12/5/2016


Radha is super passionate about her job and as first time homebuyers, we were really fortunate to have her as our realtor. She was very responsive to our queries and explained things adding a lot of context to why the process is so.

She is familiar with the market and does background research that will help you avoid pitfalls. This was very helpful to us as first time buyers. For ex, we would never have thought to dig into whether one of the homes we saw had the HOA planning litigation with the builder.

I can't stress enough how she is great for first time buyers! Going into the process I don't think the wife or I knew what we were looking for. Even when we were forming a feel of what we wanted, we weren't very good with articulating it. Radha was able to pick up on these cues and in many instances translate them to requirements that we were looking for in our home. She was able to guide us as a friend, and helped us buy the home we always wanted!

Anumod B and Priyanka... 967 La Mesa Terrace #B, Sunnyvale, CA - 10/4/2016


We are glad to have had Radha as our realtor for the purchase of our first home. As first time home buyers we started with very little knowledge about the real estate market in Bay area .  She showed us what we could get for our money and how things scaled based on location which helped us better understand the market.  For every home that she showed us, she clearly gave the pros and cons for the  house and explained all the factors that influence the  house's  value and the current market condition in that area.  We never felt pressured  to make an offer and even  when she recommended a bid price, she always made it clear that it was our decision to make and just made sure we had all the facts. She was very professional and closely guided us though out the home buying process.   We felt very comfortable and always felt we were in good hands.

Vinod P and Ashmidha... 5191 Camden Avenue, San Jose, CA - 9/18/2016


More than a year after arriving in the Bay area, we finally got a home of our dreams! Though we have a lot of people to thank for this, Radha is certainly at the top of this list. Home buying anywhere is an experience in itself, but trying to own a home in the Bay area is a unique one. The real estate market here takes a bit of adjustment and stepping out of conventional "financial" comfort zones. Radha extensively spoke about the Bay area real-estate market in a very professional, informative and data oriented way. She understands her clients and communicates very effectively. 

Radha is very resourceful and has a designers' eye for remodeling within reasonable budgets. Every open home we toured with Radha, we learnt about all the things we usually ignored. This approach helped us decide whether we would proceed with making an offer. Radha is very methodical and honest with her recommendation about making an offer.  
It is certainly true that the personality, willing to listen to your clients' needs and giving them space and time to make the right life decisions are extremely important to win over their respect. Her calmness, willingness to listen and provide positive constructive feedback during the whole process helped us find a "HOUSE" that we can call "HOME" for a long time. We highly recommend choosing Radha for your next dream home so you can experience first-hand the pleasure of owning a home in a location with the best weather in the world, guided by the best realtor in the business!

Venu A and Seetha…11931 Brookridge Dr, Saratoga, CA - 9/10/2016


We reached out to Radha when we were searching for our first house. In the initial meeting with her, she spent considerable amount of time with us to figure out our exact requirements.  She was very patient throughout our home buying process and explained us all the intricate details. One thing really unique with her is that she never pushed us for any house or even the pricing. 
We waited for around 6 months for our perfect house and it was only possible because of her help!

Sumeet T and Jayshri…4206 Sophia Way, San Jose, CA - 8/30/2016


As first time home buyers, we really are happy that we found Radha. Following are the things that I think she has consistently exceeded:

Realtor expertise - Expertise is two fold. One that is acquired through books and other that is acquired through experience.  She was able to answer all the questions that a typical first home buyer has. Starting with pre-approval, she patiently helped with the house search and never pushed me to make a decision. Always hunted for houses in right areas. What impressed me is the way she looks beyond when recommending the home. She sees how the area is going to transform, how safe the neighborhood will be, how much appreciation can be expected. 

Timely communication - Not even a single time that I got a delayed response. She is always accessible over email or phone. It's not just about the deliver on time; it's the accuracy of her response and the knowledge she has that really makes the whole home buying process smooth

Remodeling Help - Though I finally ended up buying a old house in heart of sunnyvale, Radha helped me throughout the remodeling the home. Starting with contractor recommendations, planning all the changes in the home, landscaping, exterior changes and monitoring through out the process. 

She is the best!

Nataraj B and Sudheepa... 1050 Inverness Way, Sunnyvale - 7/3/2016


As first time home buyers, we were looking for someone who we could trust to help us navigate through the process. We found Radha on Yelp and chose to go with her based on her awesome reviews.

After our first meeting we realized the reviews were spot on. Radha knows the local
market, schools (Something that is important for most asian families) and has great negotiation skills.
She accompanied us to several open houses and gave her unbiased opinion about
all the properties we visited. Her pricing judgement helped us secure the 1st house
we put and offer on. We actually overbid which made our offer stand out and 
thanks to her negotiation charm we eventually paid under the listing price.

Home buying in the valley can be a long/ complicated process. A realtor plays a crucial role
in educating and navigating you through it to land you your dream home. It is important
to pick the right guy, someone who has the knowledge, one you can trust and is super
responsive (things move really fast). Radha has all the above qualities and we never felt rushed
in our interactions. She has some excellent references for loan officers/ home inspectors/ handy men etc. to take it the whole 100 yards.

Himanshu S and Priyanka... 7909 Highland Oaks Dr, Pleasanton, CA - 6/13/2016


It was a pleasure working with Radha. My wife and I were first time home buyers and did not have much knowledge about the home buying process. Radha was patient with us and guided us through the entire home buying / mortgage process. She was able to understand our requirements and show us appropriate listings, and was very knowledgeable about the San Francisco - Bay Area housing market. 

All in all, I am glad we went with an excellent realtor like Radha and would definitely recommend other prospective home buyers to reach out to her.

Sid M. (Sundaram and Priti)… 2215 Haggerty Dr, Dublin, CA - 6/1/2016


I will keep my review brief as many have provided lot of details and shared their experiences in this forum. My own experience was "7 star"  too!

Here is why:

a. Trust - In the last 10+ years I have bought 2 homes and sold 1 home .. with Radha as our real estate agent. I have developed complete trust in her dealings, her judgement and her integrity. There are not many people in this world you can trust, a realtor is generally not one of them. However, in case of Radha, I can say in confidence that you can trust her. 

b. Competence - She obviously knows what she is doing. She knows the market, has strong relationship and is a thorough professional. I can say that because I was happy with the price I got when I sold and bought. You will be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable, experienced and connected realtor in Silicon Valley.

c. Reliability - She was there when we needed her for clarification on some transaction - while out of town at 6 am in the morning. I had the confidence that I will get a response and I did - on all occasions.

It really meant that I saved money, time and headache. I also gained a good friend I can trust.

You cannot go wrong with Radha !

Sandeep D. and Sanjita...Buyers and Sellers in Sunnyvale & San Jose, CA - 6/1/2016


Patient, Caring and Professional are the three adjectives I can think of to describe Radha. In all my years of meeting various agents, Radha is special and a class apart.  If there such a thing as a PERFECT AGENT, Radha is the perfect agent.  

We met her at a random open house  one Saturday and I was impressed with her knowledge and suggestions that fit our needs.  We have been looking for a while and didn't connect with many agents, until we met Radha. I have never met an agent who is so PATIENT, hardworking and really genuine with her approach and work ethics.  She REALLY LISTENED to our needs and patiently guided us along through our search. What we appreciated most about her is her skill in understanding our needs and frustrations, listening and offering practical advice and suggestions along the way. She was never pushy and always supported our final decision.  Home buying and selling is such an emotional and important decision in a couple's life.  

Once she commits to you, she will make sure she is there 200% and really works hard from the acceptance of the offer to closing of the deal. We were also very impressed that she cares deeply about our needs and gave us the care and respect as a friend. She didn't disappear once the offer was accepted, she made sure every little paperwork and transaction was handled professionally. If there was a problem or confusion, she herself made the calls and took care of the issue in hand.  Even though, our house offer was accepted and the process was moving along well,  she made sure she checked in with people often, called and ensured that all aspects of our buying and selling needs were met.   Our entire experience from searching, buying, closing, remodeling along with getting our old house on the market has been a very positive one. She not only knows her craft and work well, she also knows the right and reliable people who can do remodeling and construction work.  

We are very pleased with our new home, and are also very grateful for her help and commitment in selling our other home as well. She managed the right people who took care of everything from staging, window/carpet cleaning, painting, etc.  Our home sold the highest in the neighborhood within the first open house weekend.  We highly recommend Radha for buying and selling of your home, we are very pleased and happy with our experience. My only regret is not meeting her sooner when we purchased our first 2 homes.  

Sheila K. (Praveen and Shanthi)...Buyers and Sellers in Saratoga and San Jose - 4/4/2016


We were first time home buyers and now home owners, thanks to Radha. Radha just makes this daunting process seem so easy. She is methodical, extremely knowledgeable and very analytical in her assessment. Radha strikes a perfect balance between not being pushy and giving enough direction so we make the right choice. We have known Radha for a long time since my sister and a couple of colleagues at work got their houses through Radha and highly recommended her. When we first went to an open house we had no clue about the process. Radha accompanied us for the next few and we learned what to look for. She is very accommodating and responded to our questions quickly and patiently. In fact after 3 months of sporadic searching and making up our mind, we finally decided to put our first offer on a house we really liked and Radha did such a great job that we ended up getting the house. She was meticulous and knew exactly how to structure the offer so it gets accepted. She will leave no stone unturned to make sure you will find the right home. She also helped us find our mortgage consultant, contractor for some of the repairs that were needed and had great suggestions for interior designs. Radha is a family friend now and I would recommend her to anyone looking for their perfect home :) 

Poorti B and Nishit... 827 Creekside Pl, Santa Clara, CA - 4/3/2016


This review has been long overdue considering how pleased we were having Radha help us out pick our first home! Radha came referred to us by some friends and by far the best referral we have received for anything :-).

At the outset she engaged us and listened to what we were looking for and the neighborhoods we were interested in. And as first time homebuyers we were obviously expecting to pay pittances for palaces. But instead of dashing our hopes outright, she politely mentioned that a few homes that we were interested in might not be in our price range but still worked with us to put in an offer and let us find out for ourselves about which homes/neighbourhoods we could afford. I really appreciated this aspect as she knew what we were going for and it was nothing but work for her but she nevertheless helped us out without saying a word of discouragement. Another aspect that we loved was that she would accompany us to tour open homes on weekends. A few weekends she even got us out of our comfy couches and got us touring :)!!

When it came to the offer writing process, she was meticulous and clearly aware of how to structure an offer to get a response. The offer that got us our home was not the highest but the way she wrote it and way she worked her contacts were what got us the home. The seller's agent in fact let us know that Radha was the factor in us getting the home. For another home that we lost out on, she stopped us from upping the bid saying that it wasn't good value at the price we were thinking about. One other home we were interested in, she made us understand why it wasn't good value either. With either home she would have earned her brokerage months in advance had she let us do what we wanted. But I like that she was thinking about her clients.

She handled my loan agent better than I did to finish the underwriting and approval process. The icing on the cake ... there was a real cake from her in our refrigerator the day we moved on!! :-)

I could go on and on. But for folks looking for a guide and a friend in the home buying process, you cannot do better than Radha!

Shriram V and Mithila...4521 Laird Cir, Santa Clara, CA - 1/18/2016


Radha helped us purchase our first home. We bumped into Radha at a open house and instantly liked her. She is always there for you - any time of the day/night. Being first time buyers, we didn't knew a lot of things and she explained the entire process - answering all the questions. The best part about her is that she considers your purchase as her own purchase and works round the clock for you.

She is very knowledgable of the area. She accompanied us to all the open houses and would help with her valuable inputs always. Being first time buyers, and not at all knowledgable about real estate, her inputs helped us decide on what kind of house we really want. When we met her we were looking at most of the bay area considering our budget. She helped us narrow down the areas that we really like. Finally we were able to get a house that we like in our budget with good cupertino schools.

She also went ahead and followed up with our loan officer at various stages and is always on top of things. We highly recommend Radha. We are so glad we bumped into her :)

Amol and Bhavna S...125 Connemara Way #102, Sunnyvale, CA - 10/9/2015


Radha was our trump card while buying the house. As a first time buyer, we knew what we wanted but our picks were all over the place. A few questions from Radha set our expectations right and the search began in the area of our choice! Radha had a few challenges at hand - cost, location, decent school and 7 weeks for us to close the home as we had our overseas trip coming.

She was able to articulate the positives and negative of the home, its location and the price range to close the home. Once we finalized on a property, we were able to present a compelling offer to the seller, which eventually got us the home we love. She guided us well through the application process and also helped us collect the keys while we were out of the country.

Overall, we had a fantastic experience working with Radha. I would happily recommend her to a close friend or anyone looking to buy a home.

Amit S and Vidya... 1208 Clear Lake Ct, Milpitas, CA - 9/30/2015


I am always sluggish when it comes to writing reviews but Radha is so perfect that I just had to write my first review on yelp! As first-time home buyers, we were fairly timid and we needed constant reassurance from Radha on just about everything. Radha was unruffled and even-tempered every step of the way. It just took her one meeting to clearly understand our needs and she was constant in her 
efforts to accomplish her goal of finding us just that perfect house that fitted the bill. We thought she has a scrupulous attention to detail. She was always heedful of our needs - even after we had found the house and closed the deal. She would always go over the pros and cons of every house we looked at and would point out the negatives when we were ourselves overlooking them. 

The housing market has gone berserk and even in a market such as this one, we got a very reasonable deal. While part of this could have been just good luck, Radha's diligence played a huge role. Even while she was on vacation, she was on top of things and was so conscientious. She was in touch with us the whole time while on vacation as she prepared paperwork for us to put in an offer. She really did not want us to lose the home we so liked and did everything in her capacity for us to win the house. She did not think the home would stay in the market beyond a couple of days and was therefore working west coast time even while she was holidaying on the east coast. The time difference did not deter her one bit. She is relatively young but we did not find any difference in the extensive knowledge she had versus another accomplished realtor (who had 30 plus years of experience up her sleeve) we had spoken to early on. We are currently remodeling our home and she still gives us very useful information/tips/pointers/recommendations anytime we go to her with questions. 

If we were to ever buy another home (Phew!), it would undoubtedly be Radha again for us. She is truly a painstaking realtor who is very easy to work with.

Soumya A and Balaji... 19766 Junipero Way, Saratoga, CA - 9/30/2015


Radha was recommended by a friend  and helped us buy our first house, a year back.

From understanding our needs well to accompanying us to open houses and promptly following up and answering all our questions, she was a go-to person for nervous first time home buyers like us. In every open house visit, she would explain the pros and cons without forcing us into making decisions. 

Radha is a realtor with a good sense of judgement. She knows when not to go overboard in bidding. We were willing to pay more for the house we bought but Radha recommended a lesser amount(20-25k lesser) and we can't thank her enough for being right. After we closed the deal, she also helped us in finding contractors for floors and fumigation. A month later, she also called up to check how we liked our new house.

We are so glad we worked with Radha in buying our first house. If you show genuine interest, Radha will be with you in every step you take and make sure you are a happy and satisfied home seller/buyer.

Aruna J and Kirthi... 5547 Harwood Rd, San Jose, CA - 9/21/2015

Radha is responsive, responsible and reliable person to work with. Her knowledge about Bay Area is a real asset to anyone who is planning to buy a home in Bay Area.  She knows just the right price to win a bid, not too high and not too low . . . just the right price.

She goes above and beyond, very helpful and easy to deal with person. I highly recommend her.

Habib & Shakira - 4158 Colby St, Fremont, CA - 9/8/2015


Let me start by saying that getting Radha Rustagi as our realtor was the best decision we ever made. My husband and I knew it was necessary for us to make the move out of San Jose to Cupertino in the interest of our child. Radha made it happen for us!  She was there every step of the way from helping us chose the right home to ensuring our old home was in tip-top shape when placed on the market. Radha helped us with upgrades in both our homes and I would give her an A+ on her keen aesthetic sense, her complete knowledge on what upgrades entail and her ability to foresee the 'after' picture. We were blessed to work with Radha and have very high regard and respect for her abilities. Radha stepped in innumerable number of times like a family member in fact to ensure things happened in time for the home to get on the market or be ready for us to move in or to get some upgrade option reviewed or help us with updates to the new home etc etc.... Such TLC is rare in this world. Needless to say we completely love what she did, and as long as Radha is our realtor I am not afraid to buy/sell any more homes I need to :)

Navneeta S and Ajay...Buyers and Sellers in Cupertino, CA - 9/4/2015


Meticulous, knowledgeable, helpful are few qualities that describe Radha. Being a first time home buyer we did a lot of research to find a good realtor. Radha was recommended to us by a friend, and we are glad we worked with her.

She guided us through the entire process. Her suggestions were very helpful. She would patiently advise and explain about the houses and neighborhoods, we were interested in. Even after the deal was done she worked with us in getting the utilities set up, finding a contractor and made a lot of trips to the house as and when required.

We would definitely recommend Radha to anyone out there looking to buy a house.

Saurabh B and Swati... 1381 Millich Ln, San Jose, CA - 9/2/2015

Thanks to Radha, we bought our first home recently. One word to describe Radha is - fantastic.

She understood our needs really well and showed us houses that matched our interests.

She was always available for house tours and answered all our queries on anything related to do with the house, location, loans. 

The best thing I liked about Radha was the way she interacted with our kids when we went on the house tours. We felt she was like our family. Kids loved her.

We wanted some remodeling done and Radha was quick to give us her contractor information who turned out to be one of the best. She also helped us with movers, handyman. She went above and beyond to help us get this house and move in quickly.

We have worked with other realtors before and I can vouch for the fact that Radha is definitely one of the best in the area

Jeu & Nandini...10510 Baywood Ct, Cupertino, CA - 8/7/2015


We bought our first home two months ago. Radha was our agent. Couldn't have found a better agent. She had extensive knowledge about the about the market. She was very keen on observing every single detail when we visit an open house.She answered all our questions clearly and patiently.  She pointed out all the positive and the negatives. She made sure we know what we are getting into. And she responds to your call , email or message at an impressive timing. If she does not have an answer for your question right then or if she is busy she will at the least let you know that she has received your message and will get back to you. And she does get back to you with all the details. She verified every detail on the documents and made sure the details on them are accurate. She also explained all the documents page by page throughly. I will recommend her to all my friends. She is really really good at what she does and she is an wonderful person.

Preethi S and Madhan...5228 Jacana Court, San Jose, CA - 7/21/2015

Posting a review a year late...but better late than never :-) Its exactly 1 year that Radha helped us find our dream home. We came to know about Radha from a friend who is very particular about the quality of work/service she gets. She wholeheartedly endorsed Radha and we started working with her around Feb 2014. In our first meeting Radha came across as a dynamic and smart individual. She was nice and friendly and came well prepared for the meeting. She patiently and pleasingly dealt with all our questions as well as our kids moods. We felt confident about working with her and started with open houses.  

We saw almost 50 plus homes and put offers for 3 to 4 homes before we landed our dream place. Radha was very patient and never ever tried to cut shortcuts. She has deep knowledge about the market, can advise on local communities, demographics, school districts and is very thorough with her paperwork. She is very quick with numbers and gave us good guidance about the mortgage process as well. She is a workaholic which was good for us as she was constantly doing the groundwork for us. But when we wanted to slow down a bit, she never pushed us. 

We are very happy with our home, and are satisfied with the house hunting process. Radha is a thorough professional and is there by your side from the beginning to the end. Buying a house can be stressful in this bay area market. Radha is always there to help and you can rest assured that you have a realtor who will always safeguard your interest. We have complete trust in Radha's capabilities and have recommended her to all our friends and acquaintances. I won't hesitate to give her 5 plus stars here as she is very very good!!!

Radhika K and Unmesh... 1523 Coronach Ave, Sunnyvale, CA - 6/24/2015


Radha is simply just Awesome! 

We just closed on our second home with Radha. We saw this home and probably just 3 or 4 more with her. She got us the first home we saw with her within 2 weeks. Prior to working with Radha we had been working with a couple of agents for more than 3 months. 

Radha has great efficiency and attention to detail. She gave us the exact market condition, took in all our requirements and showed us the right homes. She provided us with referrals for contractors for remodeling our new home. 

Getting a home in this crazy market is a big challenge, but if you have a realtor like Radha who has a pulse on the market and who also knows the area really well it's easy to score a home. She has a great network of contacts to get everything done when it comes to home buying. 

Overall i highly recommend Radha as one of the best realtors i have worked with.

Thanks to all her great efforts!

Aparna V and Krishnan...2798 Hostetter Rd, San Jose, CA - 6/3/2015


I was a First time home buyer and glad i chose Radha as my Realtor. Radha is very professional and a right person to have as your Realtor. As with every First time buyer, we were very nervous  but Radha was awesome and always showed positive attitude. You give her your requirements and Radha will straight way provide feedback on what is possible and what is not. We really liked the way she guided us with the whole process. she was very patient. She use to meet when we were available and was very flexible with timing. For every house we saw, she used to provide pro's and con's and even used to give us idea on what to look for. She visited with us every house and her patience what amazed us. 

When we finally bought a house, she went extra mile to make sure the house is right for us. In fact in our situation  we were out of town while closing the house and Radha went to house again, make sure everything is right from contract terms and conditions to house condition.  Even after we moved in to the new house, she visited us to make sure things are going well.

I was glad to have Radha as our agent and i would highly recommend her. Radha thank you for all the help and getting us our Dream house!

Anant S and Teena... 827 Platt Ct, Milpitas, CA - 3/9/2015


First I want to thank Radha for helping us buy our first home in the bay area. I am glad we had her as our agent and  would recommend her to every one of my friends.
If you want a meticulous real estate agent, who will work for you day in and day out and always keep you on your toes, there is none better than Radha. 
Her attention to detail is impeccable, and the way she follows up with you even when you are finding it difficult to keep up with the home buying process is just amazing.

She knows every little detail about the home buying process and she makes sure she educates you about every one of them. Being first time home buyers, we knew nothing about the process, but she met with us a couple of times, even before we started looking at open houses, and explained to us in a very detailed manner about how the entire home buying process works. 

She has excellent understanding of the pros and cons of every house that she shows you and she does her homework on what her clients are looking for and what kind of house will suit them. I cannot explain it, but she somehow figures out which kind of house I will like and not like. Within seconds of entering a house, she will point out the good and bad about that house and how it will fit my needs. It just amazing to see the way she works.

Now, there is a lot of behind the scene work that she does that we as buyers are not aware of.

She prides herself on the way she conducts her business. Everything has to be fool proof, and glitch free. There will be no loopholes in our applications, and she does not leave anything to chance and will make sure she follows up with every person involved in the process even if you forget to. She has excellent contacts with the banks and will try to connect you with the right people to get the best interest rates possible if you are looking to finance. The bank agents also recognize Radha as a great agent and might waive their fees thus reducing closing costs by significant amounts, just because you are represented by Radha. 
Another thing you dont realise is that The appraisal of the house is done by a bank agent who visits your house with your realtor. Radha makes sure the you get an appraisal for more than the amount you bid, thus immediately increasing the value of your property.

She also does a small write up about you when making the offer, which has details about who you are and what you are looking for and why you want to buy that house, which adds a personal touch to the offer.

She will never force you to make a decision, but she will also remind you of every pro and con of the house and remind you of your priorities when you are unable to make a decision. She also follows up with the you on every step during the loan funding process. She will also make sure, all the bank agents are on their toes and working on your case and make sure everything is processed on time. We had to close a week earlier than when we made the offer, and she knew how to get it done and she did.

She went over every detail of the disclosures before we decided to make an offer and made us aware of all the repairs that we needed to do before moving in to the house. She also put us in touch with the right pest control and termite control companies who gave us a significant discount just because we knew Radha. She even gave us recommendations for contractors  for minor work that we needed done on our house before moving in. The contractor was very reasoable, knowledgeable and knew how to get the job done in the limited time frame we had. She even had the home owner at home during the final walk through so that we could understand every little detail about the house.

She went the extra mile at every step of the way and I am glad she was our agent during our home buying process. Thank you Radha.

Gokul K and Soundarya...273 La Honda Dr, Milpitas, CA - 11/1/2014


It has been a year since we moved to our home in Sunnyvale. We were first-time home buyers and Radha offered tremendous support, when we were bidding on homes in this highly competitive market. 

She is a very dedicated professional, who knows the pulse of the market. She is willing to go the extra mile to make the transaction as smooth as possible. She helped us bid on properties even while she was on vacation! 

When we closed escrow, she provided us with referrals for contractors for some home enhancements we needed to do before moving in. The fact that she has won various accolades for her hard work speaks for itself! 

Thank you, Radha for helping us find our "perfect home"!!

Sanjay M and Chitra... 969 La Mesa Ter #C, Sunnyvale, CA - 8/26/2014


Best decision we made while buying our house was to have Radha as our agent. She is super awesome. We were first time home buyers and were overwhelmed with entire process. Radha was very helpful and patient throughout. 

Few things we really liked about her work:

1. Not at all pushy but takes perfect amount of interest to keep you motivated.

2. Super friendly and accommodating. We were working on our offer in her office and our daughter was very uncomfortable in the office setting. Radha was not at all hesitant in moving the meeting to our place, even though we were half way through it.

3. She is extremely professional and works for you and with you. 

4. Always on time for appointment.

5. Understands your needs and requirements clearly.

6. Has very good knowledge of market. We were looking in south bay and never had the need to look somewhere else for information. Radha knew everything.

7. Has good contacts for stuff that follows after your offer is accepted. 

Radha made our home buying experience fun and satisfying.

M J. (Megha and Amit Bansal)...2209 Shiloh Ave, Milpitas, CA - 2/18/2014


Radha has been a perfect fit for us in terms of home search. 

1. Professional excellence  
- Punctual for appointments
- Complete understanding of process/constraints
- Good grasp of financials
- Flexible in terms of appointment times
- Well prepared for potential questions and is always action oriented
2. Awesome area knowledge
- Knows local schools very well and advices based on needs
- Understands neighbourhoods and advices us on better ones and potentially better in long run
3. Looked out for our best interest 
- Helped answer all our questions 
- Never pushed homes on us
- Clearly informed pros/cons of homes
- Stayed with in our budget at all times
4. Stays on top of things to ensure smooth buying process
- Constant touchbase over phone/email
- Know wide range of contacts that helped our buying process easy like Mortgage agents, Insurance agents
- Because she had worked with many of the contacts she was able to accomplish lot of things in short time

Over all, if there are any friends/family members who are looking to buy home I would definitely make sure they use Radha. As she indicated in her profile we got "unparalleled services with utmost care and honesty"

Amarnath S and Aiswarya - Happy Clients in Sunnyvale & Santa Clara, CA - 2/9/2014


 Radha is just an "incredible" person.

She is very sincere and patient, takes enormous pride in what she does. From the moment we started looking for homes to the moment we got the keys in our hand she has been just wonderful.

She explained to us very candidly the pros and cons of each property and allowed us to make the decision. She was present for all property inspections. She explained the details and answered all our questions. This is a big help, especially if you are a first time buyers like us.

She was very tactful in dealing with sellers and their agent, keeping our interest above all. She always answers her phone and for some reason if she cannot take the call, then she is very prompt in returning them. This is a very rare quality in an agent.

In short, we were lucky to have her represent us and it would be very difficult to find a betterreal estate agent than her.

M K. (Moiz & Saher Khan)... 10661 Gascoigne Dr, Cupertino, CA - 2/4/2014


"We are the first-time home buyers, worked with Radha, bought a house, and have been quite happy with it ever since. Some great points in working with Radha, on the top of my mind, are as follows, 

- She can quickly summarize most of the major pros and cons of a house and put them in perspective with respect to the current standards, markets or neighborhood. If we happed to do own investigations (consulting experienced friends, asking in forums, etc.), they often concurred pretty much with what Radha said.   

- She patiently went out to tour many open houses with us even though our search range were kind of broad, geographically (including both peninsula and south bay) as well as price range. 

- For some attractive houses that all of us know that our chance is really small, she still willing to bid for us, just so that we would not have any regret later on. 

- She "prevented" us from buying "bad" houses. At a point, for various reasons, we were tempted to jump in a house in Belmont, she calmly remind us about our target, about the value of the house... In the end,  we decided to stay out of that house. Looking back, that was definitely the right decision. 

I can go on with this list, but in short, Radha really works to make sure that in the end you are happy with what you buy.

Son Tran..... Happy Resident of Sunnyvale


Renee T (Son D Tran&Thuy Truong)...Buyers & Sellers in Sunnyvale, Mountain View - 2/4/2014


Based on a strong recommendation from a friend, we approached Radha to help us with the purchase of our first home.

In our first meeting, she took a note of what we really wanted in terms of preferences. She kept a track of every home that came up on sale with those criteria. She provides all the information that is needed in a home buying process.

She is also very friendly, approachable and easy-going. That makes the home buying experience with her a pleasant one. She is always prompt, responsive and detailed.

We had an excellent experience buying our first home. We would definitely recommend Radha as your real estate agent

Neha P and Arun Raj…2127 CALLE VISTA VERDE, Milpitas, CA - 2/4/2014


"Radha, you helped us to make our first home buying experience less stressful. Thank you for your kindness and support. 

Radha is a great realtor, me & my wife will definitely recommend her to anyone we know for house hunting in the Bay Area! Radha listened to our wants and needs to help us find not only the perfect home, but the perfect neighborhood too. She was attentive, helpful but most important honest.

We are 100% satisfied with our experience with her. She was quite informed on all topics related to the industry, and the questions she didnt know, she did research and got back to us promptly. We found our house quickly because she understood our parameters and narrowed our searches to the houses that fit our needs. She was extremely attentive and always responsive when we had questions or wanted to see different homes. She is extremely hard working and will do anything it takes to make sure her clients are happy!

Radha's biggest strength is her customer service; always happy to help; do more than required; flexible with schedule and not pushy. We will definitely recommend her to our friends and family.


Alok R and Anima…278 Merz Ct, Milpitas, CA - 2/4/2014


“When we decided to buy a home, Radha came across as a knowledgeable and honest person and was the Realtor of choice. We can say, she is the BEST in what she does. We must have seen several houses and everytime she explained to us very candidly, the pros and cons of each property and allowed us to make the decision. She understood our needs and preferences and thats why when this house came in the market, she knew it would be the right one for us and therefore, acted promptly and got us the house. She was very patient, and informative, & has good ideas and would find out any information that you need to make you feel comfortable. she is a good listener, and easy to talk to. we love our home and appreciate Radha for making it happen for us. Thank you Radha.”

sunny C. (Sunil and Deepika)…1218 Lime Dr, Sunnyvale, CA - 2/4/2014


''This testimony has taken a while to write primarily because I was struggling to put into words the wonders that Radha has done for me and my family in helping us purchase our first home. When you are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars, you want someone who cares that you spend it the right. That was the first thing that struck me about Radha in the first few weeks of interaction. You need someone who will work tirelessly to make sure that you get the best home possible. Radha showed me homes almost every single weekend and looked up every single listing I sent her. You need someone who knows the area by the back of her hand so that time is not wasted and Radha knows pretty much every single street in the Bay Area. She'll tell you everything you need to know about a home. Things to look out for. Finally, once you make a decision, she'll go to battle with your money and get the best possible outcome for you.''

Sripathi R and Anjana G...Buyers and Sellers in Milpitas, Sunnyvale, CA - 2/4/2014

Radha has been our realtor and helped us get our first house in the CU district. 
Apart from many things which we really liked about with Radha - top 3 to make it quick and relevant in today's world.
1. Not Pushy -- having worked with a couple of other agents- we realized very quickly that agents will try to push you to make a decision sooner ( for apparent reasons) but we NEVER felt the push from Radha. She would allow us to take our own sweet time and come up with both pros and cons for the house. This is very sane when you are dealing with a market like the Bay area.
2. Very knowledgable / good insights. Radha came across and showed that she was indeed very knowledgable in areas of good school district as well as areas like Milpitas as we changed our location several times. Very important in a realtor who is not tied to a good school district or vice versa.
3. Practical & Diligent - Radha does not abandon you once the house is yours. She was always there till we closed and moved in the house and for sometime after also. As we were first time home buyers - there were so many small things that cld have become time consuming but she wld save the day with her team of people that helped us through our small issues ( Paint job, getting crawl space fixed, etc.etc). She was always present with explainations and details on things that we knew abt as well as did not know abt. 

We are totally satfisfied and would recommend her to any family that is looking for a partner in their quest for a house rather than an agent!!!

Hitesh and Amrita… 10481 Stokes Ave, Cupertino, CA - 2/4/2014




To say I am happy to have worked with Radha is an understatement. Radha was without a doubt the best part of the home buying experience. She was extremely responsive, easy to work with and very patient with a first time home buyer. Radha worked with in my budget to find me exactly what I was looking for. She knew when to speak up and steer me in a direction I may not have considered, which ultimately lead me to my first home. Three years later I couldn't be happier in my home and am thankful everyday that I worked with Radha. I would highly recommend her to anyone trying to navigate the craze that is the Bay Area housing market.

Caitlin Frates... 1690 Civic Center Dr, #304,Santa Clara, CA

Radha is a wonderful professional that I would highly recommend to anyone trying to purchase a house, especially in this crazy Bay area market. 

Radha is dedicated, experienced, knowledgeable, dynamic, responsive, patient, diligent, tactful ... and most importantly, very reliable. Working with Radha, I always feel secured, comfortable, and respected. Radha could also work under pressure very well. When we tried to get our first home early this year, there were times we decided to make an offer on a house in the very last minute, or when the situation changed and we needed to make adjustments to an offer shortly before the deadline, Radha could still make it and she remained just as calm, prompt, and precise as usual, without any complaints.

Even now, after we have bought our house for a couple of months, Radha is still willing to help us. We have been going through a very tough, miserable and stressful time with our contractor. We contact Radha, and with no hesitation, she agrees to help us. She even stays until midnight to help us resolve the problem even though she is very busy. I feel that I can't thank her enough!

K Thy and Minh...161 Bel Ayre Dr, Santa Clara, CA

We will like this forum to give our appreciation and thanks to Radha
Some attributes that make her different from others and for which we are giving her 5 stars are  following
1. She listens to your queries patiently and there were times when we asked so many question from her that anyone could get frustrated.However in her case she was was patient and answered whatever she could in her best way.

2. She is very professional and if you are with her you are ensured that your privacy and personal details are not compromised.

3. She may occasionally miss the phone calls but she ensures to give a call back the same day in some convenient time so that we could  clarify all our queries

4. She understand situation of her clients and help them the best way she can. She helped us too in all possible ways
  a) she was away in india on personal trip but was actively answering our queries and helping us finalize the offer 
  b) she ensured another realtor (who is also very knowledgeable) was there in her absence to take care of any exigent situations.   
5. She will not force you to put offer for certain amount .She will only give you guidance  and if you want some other number she is ok with that too. 
Good part was that even she wanted us to put higher numbers on certain houses and we did not . yet she ensured that her help is available to us in home buying process and finally it paid off.

6. After spending some time with us. She easily judged whether we will like certain property or not.

Gaurav and Shobhana... 3369 Napoli Pl, San Jose, CA


Radha helped us purchase our first home in a crazy market. I would highly recommend Radha to any one planning to purchase a home in Bay Area. She has extensive knowledge about the area and offered tips in helping us pick a nice location. She is friendly and easy to work with. Being a first time home buyer in a sellers market is not easy and you definitely need someone who knows the market well and has the ability to close the deal. On our first bid, Radha went through the document page by page and made sure that we understood the paper work. I cannot imagine doing that on my own. Radha was reachable any time of the day and week and addressed our concerns promptly. Radha accompanied us on home tours and offered valuable input on the condition of the home and the neighborhood. She helped us in evaluating the renovation costs required for the home. She sent a detailed comps that included near by home sales. That really helped us in picking a value for our bid. She is well connected in the area and is very resourceful. 

She helped us all the way till the end. Even after winning the bid, she was very prompt in getting the documents that the bank needed from the seller agent. She accompanied us for the signing and handed over the keys to us. She also sent us a check list of utility companies that we needed to contact in our city after the move in which was super useful. She even gave us a move in cake to celebrate! Look no further if you are searching for an agent.

Deepak and Abinaya... 236 W Rincon Ave #P, Campbell, CA

We met Radha in an unusual way .  She placed a note in our doorway stating that she had a client that was interested in purchasing a condo in our development.  We called her because we had an interest in possibly selling our condo.  The young couple she showed the condo to loved it and made an offer that was hard to refuse.  We accepted the offer and the rest is history!

Radha is a lovely, polite and very competent realtor.  She is very organized, prompt and efficient.  She answers emails promptly.  She has a very cute sense of humor which makes her a delight. In addition she is very professional.  I would highly recommend her.

Pat & Robert Hussa.. 1164 La Rochelle Terrace, #A – Sunnyvale, CA


"We had Radha as real estate agent when we bought our current home and it was an utter pleasant experience working with her. Radha is a subject expert in Bay Area real estate; she pointed out pros and cons of each property we visited. Furthermore, she is really knowledgeable about each neighborhood and made good cases about how each property fitted for our needs. Radha is also very patient and organized when it comes to closing deals. She helped us with all aspects of the buying process - suggesting contractors to remodel house, negotiating the close process etc. I would highly recommend Radha for any first time home buyers." 

Hiep Dinh and Phuong...3043 Alexander Ave, Santa Clara, CA


"We knew Radha from a highly recommendation from one of our close friends.


We are the first home buyers and Radha helped us buy our first home wonderfully WITHIN one month.  I would admit that we were a bit lucky but we couldn't have done that without great support from Radha.

Radha is very knowledgeable, professional and creative. She masters the whole process and helped us understand it thoroughly but still pay attention to the key points and milestones. 

Radha understood our need and concerns as a first home buyer so well. She was never pushy.She provided all information and detailed pros/cons analytic for us to consider and make decision. She also understood the seller's need and emphasized our strong points to stand out of the crowd.

Radha has a great network in realtor business which helped expedite the whole process successfully, from inspecting, offering, closing contract even to post-sale steps such as repairing/upgrading. The home contractor she recommended to us was just excellent, who was very well balance between quality and cost.

Thank you very much Radha.

Dong and Binh... 1462 Platt Ave, Milpitas, CA



We would recommend Radha any day if you are looking to buy a new house. As first time home buyers we were nervous, unsure, hesitant , new to the whole process. Radha made our lives so much easy. She has deep knowledge about how the real estate market works, market trends, financing, taxes & remodeling areas as well. Based on these she is always able to give you a most accurate end-to-end estimation which always works to your advantage.  Very professional,  hard working, always on top of things, never delays anything which is so crucial in today's market.

 Also being so actively involved, she never lets an opportunity just pass by, always tries to bring the best of the deals to her client. Always available when you need her, I don't recall calling her twice or following up again. The best part is she never pushes and gives personal space, when important decisions are to be made. Since all of us are also busy in our own profession as well, having someone like Radha helps a lot, who we can rely on completely to get us our dream home with all the details figured out. 

 She helped us take one of the most important decision in our life and we are very very pleased with the overall "adventure" if you may call so. After we got the house she helped us line up number of "handyman" teams, professional contractors and all sort of people we wanted to do any improvements on the property.  Even after months, she followed up on how things are going with the new home, in case we have questions/concerns etc. 

Anoop & Priyanka... 718 W Remington Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 


Radha helped my family to get our first house in April, 2013. It is a 3 bedrooms single family in a lovely neighborhood in Santa Clara. It has been 6-month since we moved in and we are very happy with the house so far. House hunting is a lengthy and scary process especially for first house buyers like us. We did our own research using the Internet but still nervous. Radha using her knowledge and experience relieved most of the burden on us. Everything she said, you can easily verify using common sense or some analysis. What you need is an agent who tell you everything in this house hunting game. Radha is such a person.

Radha is not pushy and care about her client. There were a couple houses she recommend us not to bid on. I am glad that she did so because we were impatient after a few failed offers (if you hunt for houses in ).  She is also very professional. She prepares offer packages carefully. In fact, our offer package presented by her impressed the seller agent so much that they chose us although there was another higher offer.

The last but no least, we need advises on fixing little things in the house. Radha is always a helpful person to consult. She has many different contractor contacts that you would love to get. She is willing help you after you move in the new houses although she does not have to.

Nguyen and Jolie... 663 Los Olivos Dr, Santa Clara, CA


"Radha made our first-time home buying experience a breeze. 

She is very knowledgeable and usually provides helpful analysis and always available to answer questions. 

She is never pushy, very professional and methodical, and got everything done ahead of time. I would recommend her to any of our friends looking to purchase house in the Bay Area."

Vijay and Pushpa Dassu... 250 Calvert Dr, Santa Clara, CA


We recently worked with Radha Rustagi to buy as well as sell homes, and are very pleased with how both transactions turned out. In the buying process she helped quickly translate our wish-list into practical details such as budget, neighborhoods, size and characteristics of the home. Her astute analysis of buyers’ thinking process enabled us to present a compelling offer and buy the second home that we bid on, which was far quicker than the average homebuyer’s experience in a very competitive South Bay real estate market.

In the selling process Radha helped us set the price for our townhome and plan cost-effective improvements to enhance the sale appeal. For a while we considered renting it out instead of selling, and Radha provided good advice even though she did not stand to gain financially from a rental transaction. Ultimately there was a buyer at a very good price, and Radha played a major part in ensuring a prompt and successful close of escrow.

During our interactions we found Radha to be very knowledgable, flexible, and responsive. She was thorough with her follow-ups, without making us feel rushed to make decisions. Based on our experience we would highly recommend Radha’s services as your realtor.

Sita and Murugan...Sellers and Buyers in Santa Clara & Sunnyvale, CA


We had an excellent experience buying our first home with Radha. She has a strong work ethic and was very professional throughout the process. She took the time to understand our requirements and diligently followed up on new listings that met or came close. While viewing houses with her, she would quickly spot details of items that were in better or worse than average condition and had a very balanced assessment of how much these mattered.


When it was time to make an offer, she carefully appraised us of positives and negatives, but was never too pushy to make a decision, nor on increasing an offer value just to quickly close the deal. These are great qualities in an agent and she really impressed us with her dedication to client satisfaction and her focus on long term reputation. And throughout the contingency and inspection process, she was helpful with the various logistics, and was very detail oriented to ensure that nothing slipped.


With a baby due soon, our experience could not have been smooother. Radha was a pleasure to work with, and we would strongly recommend her to anyone serious about buying a home in the area.

Malini and Sundar… 742 Rogers Ct, Santa Clara, CA


As a first time buyer, the home buying experience could have been overwhelming without your guidance. Thank you very much for your hard work, enthusiasm, patience and outstanding professionalism. You have been always prompt, responsive and detailed. You were not just our realtor but someone we consider a “Friend” and we want to thank you for all you have done for us!!


Thank goodness you aren’t most folks……………


Prashant, Pallavi and Parth… 10093 Stern Ave, Cupertino, CA


As a real estate agent, Radha holds your hand from day 1 till the last moment when you purchase your dream house… … and even thereafter.

Radha has a lot of energymotivation and only has your best interest in her mind.

Being undecided, we would have seen at least 40-45 houses with Radha during a course of 15 months, before buying one through her. We were not sure of location and only had certain criteria in mind (for example, all schools to be good and the type of house we wanted etc). As such, Radha tirelessly showed us houses all over Santa Clara county from Palo Alto to Fremont to Evergreen. On any day and time I asked her, she always managed to find time to show me the houses I wanted to see.

Radha is details oriented person. When she shows a house, Radha points to numerous small details – for example the type of base, type of carpet/flooring, any slope in backyard or garage, total costs of upgrades if any needed, the orientation of house, noise issues, type of street and views, sunlight, layout, size of kitchen, presence or absence of family room, wasted space, termites, life of roof, quality of flooring………. While detailing, she is honest and UNBIASED. RADHA NEVER PUSHED US OR SUGGESTED BUYING ANY HOUSE, She lets you get back to her at your pace/time and on your own.

Most importantly, RADHA HAS A LOT OF PATIENCE. Despite the repetitive nature of work, she has the patience to let you finish your thought – each and every single time. Radha has the patience of a person double her age (ah – so say a 62 years person!) during interactions and during showing. I know of other realtors who speed through showings and then some who just wants you to buy the first house they show you and every house thereafter!!! I also know of agents who are lazy and won’t come with you this often.

Radha got us a wonderful deal – better than I had thought and she REPEATEDLY checks on how we are doing during last many months.

Lastly, we bought a house because Radha is genuine, honest and was there nonstop for hours to answer questions and explain specifics of every document tirelessly.

Radha can in fact be more aggressive – but chooses not to.


Trust her..............

Nikunj and Hiral Parekh, 2959 Silverland Dr, San Jose-CA


“When we decided we finally wanted to get a place for ourselves, I found myself suddenly drowning in the humongous list of  tips, tricks and details of the process. Which was so, until I was referred to Radha by a friend. Then I could delegate all  the trouble to Radha. She is very enthusiastic, and makes an earnest effort to help you throughout the process. Sometimes it  is very easy to get carried away in the middle of the process, since you have a lot of factors affecting your home-purchase  decisions. Radha was spot on with detecting those and helped remind us of our priorities, things to look for etc. She took extra effort to research the neighborhood and came up with detailed stats about the neighborhood/surroundings in each

category. People around you, nearby attractions, nature spots, shopping, convenience, highway access, traffic, safety were some of the categories she gave us. With all this info, we were easily able to zero in on one choice which then we gave our best shot to purchase.


In our first meeting, she took a note of what we really wanted in terms of preferences, and kept a track of every home that came up on sale with those criteria. We found ourselves having a lot of choices now, while on our own we were pretty clueless.Once the home was zeroed in on, she communicated regularly with the Sellers agent on our behalf and negotiated a bunch of things we wanted fixed/changed in the transaction(we did this more than a couple of times).


She suggested best in class people for the inspections, and here also she gave us so much choice, and all the inspections were done within 3 days. From start to end our home purchase process was 28 days. This is something VERY fast in the real-estate industry and is possible only when you consult with an expert professional like Radha. I should say overall, I was majorly impressed, and will go back to her for any of our next real-estate endeavors."

Varun and Sushma… 661 Wasatch Dr, Fremont, CA


 “Radha is a dedicated real estate professional who has the highest integrity and a strong work ethic. Radha's main concern is the well-being of her clients and getting the results they want. Radha is dependable and honest and an asset to our organization.........

Judith Brooks - Owner / Broker of RE/Max Pioneer.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

"Radha makes me think of Zen. I always saw her being patient and calm, which worked great for nervous first-time buyers like us. She is also a skillful yet tough negotiator, which again worked great when it came to negotiation with the seller. Speaking of wisdom in Zen, she guided us to close the deal smoothly through many steps, from financing to inspection with her many connections. We learned many things during the process with her.

Radha truly has her client's interest at heart. I remember Radha kept asking me about something my wife wanted that she didn't even speak out, but Radha could sense and in the end, got my wife what she needed. 
We later referred several friends to her, and she has already helped one of them to buy their home. Way to go Radha!!.........

Duc and Linh… 1149 Jamestown Dr, Sunnyvale, CA


We approached Radha for purchasing our first home, after receiving a strong recommendation from a friend. Radha helped us close on a home we really liked in very short time. During the home buying process, Radha's strength is in identifying different features of a home/location, and assigning dollar amounts to it, which helped us in making a decision. She also made the entire closing process very smooth with little involvement from our side. We strongly recommend Radha for anyone who is looking for a realtor...........


Asha and Sam… 1853 Anne Way, San Jose, CA


We were first time home buyers with some specific requirements.  We had done a lot of research on our own but desperately needed expert advice.  Radha wore multiple hats for us.  She listened to our thought process and resoning and critiqued it; provided logical and sound advice; let us work at our own pace.  She made the overall process as low stress as possible.  
She put a very profressinal offer pacakge with aggressive (but realistic) contingency timelines.  The sellers actually complimnented us on these.  She  also had fantastic advice for upgrading the house and a list of reliable contractors that could perform the work reliably and on short notice.
We are pleased with our first home-buying experince.
Thanks Radha -............. 


Asif and family…22220 Homestead Rd, Cupertino, CA


" Radha is an experienced realtor who puts the HUMAN factor in home search. She quickly grasps the requirements of her clients and finds home that would suit them very well. She is very patient and keeps working with her clients for as long as it takes to find a prefect home. She gives advice in all steps but never forces the client to implement them. She helped us not only in house search but also advised in post purchase improvements and referring reasonably priced, good quality contractors. We are very much satisfied with her services and will recommend her to all our friends...........


Manish and Monica… 647 Martil Way, Milpitas, CA


Radha is knowledgeable of the market and has been proactive in showing us houses. We have been very happy with our house and would recommend her without hesitation. ………… 

Swastik & Raina Bihani…1324 Yarmouth Terrace, Sunnyvale, CA

“Being a first time home buyer, hiring Radha as our Realtor was the smartest decision that we could have made. She is extremely patient, very organized and was always available to discuss each and every detail. More importantly she has a great work ethic, is extremely responsive and a subject matter expert in Bay Area Real estate. We took over an year and countless number of offers to close, but Radha never seemed impatient to close the deal. She understood exactly what type of house we wanted, and patiently advised us to wait till one came on the market. The closing process was extremely smooth. Overall a fabulous experience.”

Sachin & Monika Agarwal… 1453 Flicker Way, Sunnyvale, CA


“Radha's informative guidance helped us buy our new home. Radha is extremely knowledgeable about the market in the Bay Area. She helped us with all aspects of the buying process - finding the right contractor to remodel our home, helping us get a good loan, negotiating the close process etc. I would highly recommend her !

Subhabrata & Nabanita Ghosh… 1610 Heron Ave, Sunnyvale, CA


“Radha helped us get our home. She understood our requirements and showed us best fit properties. She is motivated, punctual and organized and delivered above and beyond our expectations.”

Top qualities: Expert , Good Value , High Integrity

Nasheeta Mohsin & Afzal Asif, 10375 Calvert Dr, Cupertino, CA


“We worked w/ Radha for real estate need of our first home and she was extremely committed to helping us find our home based on our needs. We contantly depended on Radha from the get-go as we did not have experience that Radha possessed in home buying. She is very detail oriented in keeping our search criteria in mind. Thank you Radha for all the great support during our home search. She has since then become a very good friend of ours and we would recommend her services to anyone looking to buy/sell home in SF bay area.

Sanjeev & Priyanka, 3520 Tracy Dr, Santa Clara, CA


 "After talking to a number of agents, we decided to go with Radha as our agent. Even in a short conversation, it was clear to us that Radha was in a different league from others. It took us more than 9 months after that to find a right house and we were always thankful we had Radha. Whether it was patiently explaining the details of a property or calling the loan agents to close on time, Radha was constantly on top of things. Moreover, she always paid attention to the smallest details that were important to us.
All in all, as a buyer's agent, especially for first time buyers, you simply can't do better." 
Service Category: Real Estate Agent
Year first hired: 2008
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Kapil & Anuja Surlekar… 831 Humewick Way, Sunnyvale, CA


 “I had very execellent services from Radha. She was very trustworthy and gave us full details. For First Home Buyers I would strongly recommend her.” 

Sridharan & Rajee…195 Barranca Ter, Sunnyvale, CA


“Radha worked as my Real Estate Agent for 5 months (October 2008 - February 2009). During this period her performance was superlative, from start to finish. From day 1, she understood my needs and her services were perfectly in tune with my requirements. She had very good knowledge of the home buying process, and she went thru great lengths to guide me through it, including the smallest of details. I continue to consult with her and use her contacts on several home improvement projects I have undertaken. Her work ethics are of the highest caliber. I would strongly recommend Radha without any reservations.” 

Priti & Kapil Gadkar… 520 Becket Dr, Redwood City, CA


 "Radha was almost like a family member during our search for a home. She was understanding and patient and had our best interests in mind. Fortunately, for us home hunting was not a long process. We found our home in less than two months, thanks to Radha. On the one occasion where we almost made a decision but then started re-thinking it, Radha was supportive and encouraging. She was never pushy. She understood our hesitation, discussed it with us and helped us make the right decision. I think that is one important quality you would like in your agent, especially if you are first-time home buyers. Radha opened our minds to options we were initially not even considering, like, buying older homes. She has a wealth of knowledge about fixing homes as well and she would routinely point out what kind of work was required on an home and how much it would cost us. She is also very friendly, approachable and easy-going which just adds to making the home buying process with her a pleasant experience. We would definitely recommend Radha as your real estate agent." 

 Poorva & Mandar… 4550 Lick Mill Blvd, Santa Clara, CA


We were looking for open homes in the Sunnyvale, Santa Clara area. Just by luck and after we looked at several houses, my wife (begged) me to go inside a house that was open. I was very tired and really did not want to see any more houses but went in.

Now, I think we were very lucky to go into the house. There we met Radha, and right there and then I knew that we found the right agent.   She was so patient and attentive.  Needles to say, Radha showed us at least ten houses and was willing to show us more. She understood our needs and preferences and finally found us (THE BEST HOUSE ON THE BLOCK).

There were couple of issues with the seller and the seller's agent but with Radha's experience and patience (she is very patient ), we were able to overcome all the obstacles and got ourbeautiful house.  If you need a contractor that does the best job at the best and lowest price, Radha has the CONNECTION.   She is the greatest.  

Samir & Malka Mshasha, 3467 Notre Dame Dr, Santa Clara, CA


“Radha is pro-active, knowledgeable about current market conditions, not a pusher, and very responsive.”

Prakash & Anupama…7130 Rainbow Dr 2, San Jose, CA


Hi my name is Balwant S Bains when we were in need of buying a house, Radha was very helpful. she put in a lot of time and effort, to help me and my family buy a nice home. she was on time with all her paperwork, and was always helpful, when I would call. She was very well in giving ideas, and very respectful. I will recommend her to anyone who needs help.

I wish there were more kind people like her. Once again Thank you for your help.

Balwant Singh and Family…1765 Thelma Loop, Tracy, CA


We were looking for our second home in Sunnyvale and met Radha on one of the open houses. After talking to her for 10 minutes, we were convinced that she is the right person who can help us with our search. She is very knowledgeable, professional and has lot and lot of patience to explain everything in details. She is not a pusher & gave us plenty of time to make our. Thank you Radha for everything.   We commend her with 110% confidence. 


Angel and Ruby…723 Old San Francisco Rd, Sunnyvale, CA


Simply the best! When you are planning to buy a home, you need somebody who wants to help rather than closing another transaction AND that’s where Radha comes in picture. Radha, we appreciate your professionalism and negotiation skills. Thanks and all the best! You will get referrals from us. 

Amelia and Peter - Pleasanton, CA


We met Radha at an open house and right away she was very helpful and informative. Radha offered to show us other open houses that were in our price range on the same day. This was very helpful because we’re not from the area and making another trip would be time consuming. She offered her friends’ services, which was in financing that made things a lot easier.


Radha is honest and responsible. She even contacted a home inspector and acted on our behalf. Radha definitely has your best interest in mind. She is very professional and easy to talk to. You’re the best! Thank you again for all you’ve done for us

Jack and Yan Lai…7150 RAINBOW Drive #8, San Jose, CA

We have known Radha for a long time - as a friend.  When we were looking for our first home, she helped us a lot.  She is confident, tactful and knows the "BUSINESS".  If you want a helper  and not a pusher, who understands your needs, likes & dislikes, we would certainly recommend Radha.

Anurag and Divya Gaur - San Ramon, CA


“I had very execellent services from Radha. She was very trustworthy and gave us full details. For First Home Buyers I would strongly recommend her.”


“After talking to a number of agents, we decided to go with Radha as our agent. Even in a short conversation, it was clear to us that Radha was in a different league from others. It took us more than 9 months after that to find a right house and we were always thankful we had Radha. Whether it was patiently explaining the details of a property or calling the loan agents to close on time, Radha was constantly on top of things. Moreover, she always paid attention to the smallest details that were important to us. All in all, as a buyer's agent, especially for first time buyers, you simply can't do better.”